New models of tanzanite and diamond rings of tanzanite jewelry

Tanzanite jewelry is an amazing category of gemstone jewelry. They come in vibrant blue color and bring liveliness to your personality. The outstanding beauty of these gemstones has taken tanzanite jewelry to the top of the sales charts of the gemstone category. Tanzanite and diamond rings are the new model within this category. While tanzanite stone itself is magnificent, adding diamonds to the design is a visual delight. Tanzanite stones are a part of Zoisite mineral family, discovered in 1967 in Tanzania. Recently, these gemstones were added to the list of official birthstones with December allotted to this tanzanite jewelry. The growing trend for tanzanite and diamond rings has given rise to thousands of scintillating styles and designs. Here are some of the new and unique models of this gemstone jewelry for you to choose from.

Heart and cross tanzanite ring for women
Tanzanite jewelry offers a dark blue and violet shade which is what makes it unique. This particular design is a heart and cross carved in an artistic fashion on a 14K white gold wedding band. The design contains beautiful cross with heart shapes on all sides. A 5mm Tanzanite stone of 0.25 carat value is mounted in the center and represents God’s Holy Spirit. While a wedding ceremony is honorable in all things, making wedding vows with a spiritual touch is always appreciated. These tanzanite and diamond rings are inexpensive and are available in different colors and compositions.

Tanzanite and diamond flower ring
While heart and cross model of tanzanite and diamond rings is inexpensive, this diamond flower ring requires you to pay more money. However, the outstanding magnificence of this design offers more value to your money. A 2 carat tanzanite stone is mounted on a 14k white gold wedding band. The gemstone is surrounded by 12 diamonds arranged in a floral pattern. The entire design is a real delight to watch and is sure to make your friends envy on your personality.

Royal tanzanite and diamond ring
This is an incredibly marvelous tanzanite jewelry piece. The traditional 3 stone model is augmented with additional diamond stones to make the design an incredible delight. A 7mm x 5mm tanzanite stone is mounted on the center of a 14k white gold wedding band. 2 diamond stones are arranged on either side of the tanzanite stone. In addition, there are 3 diamond stones on either side of this tanzanite jewelry design to augment its beauty and charm. The diamonds used in this tanzanite and diamond rings model are of high quality G-H color and SI1-SI2 clarity. Browse through various categories and choose the right style for that special occasion.