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New Technology, Which Uses Water As AC Refrigerant

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to lower the cost of refrigerant for your air conditioner? Well now there is! A new technology has been introduced that will actually allow you to use water as a refrigerant in your HVAC system. A Michigan State University Researcher and a colleague brought about this new idea. The two won the Boston Innovation Prize for their design of a new low cost, energy efficient way of cooling your residential space. This new technology is just the beginning when it comes to discovering new ideas for residential HVAC systems. Read on below and it will explain and go into a lot more depth about this new technology that has came about.

What Makes This Residential Heating And Air Conditioning System So Special?

These new types of heating and cooling systems use water vapor as a refrigerant. When water vapor is being used as a refrigerant it is referred to as R-718. Believe it or not water vapor can actually be used more efficiently than your everyday traditional refrigerants. However while the new system will save you money engineering the compressor is very difficult and quite expensive. The two people behind all of this found a way to invent an economical compressor that is small and very lightweight. This design is made out of a novel turbo compressor woven out of high strength fibers with an integrated motor. These new designs give more control and are efficient and compact during the heating and cooling process. It has been shown that approximately thirty percent of the electricity in the United States is being used to heat and cool peoples homes. Any little amount of electricity that we can save will not only save us money on our monthly utility bills, but it will help our planet as well. Not only will the R-718 design help save money on utility bills but it will run a lot more quietly creating less disturbances throughout the night and during the day.

How Does This New Product Save Money?

While the R-718 does run more efficiently that’s not where all of the money is being saved. The real money saver comes from the refrigerant costs. Having your residential HVAC system re fueled with refrigerant can be costly depending on the prices of your local heating and cooling company, but since the R-718 runs off water vapor it saves you a ton of money. You don’t have to fool with having to contact your local heating and cooling companies to purchase some refrigerant because you can get water right from your faucet at home.

In Europe people are already using water vapor as a form of refrigerant because there are such high-energy costs there. While this method is not very popular in the United States currently look for it to start rising. Once people get a hold of this new technology and start saving money it will be a hit all over the United States.

Want To Know More?

While there is much more to be discovered about the new R-718 you can still research them. The information provided for you above however is really all that is known about them right now. Many of these new technology designs are being worked on but the one mentioned above the R-718 is the one that is catching all of the big engineers eyes. The R-718 just might be the future of heating and cooling in the United States. While everything about this new technology is good as of now I am sure there will have to be some kinks worked out before this new technology takes over the United States.

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