New Year Resolution

Its just a traditional habbit of making resolutions on the arrival of every new year…people just make resolutions but dont actually follow them and even if they do they do it for a small period….masses find joy in just coming up with new things and then letting those new ideas to be used as their new year resolutions..

A person cant change unless an external force makes him or her do that forcibly because it has an amount of attraction for the one to let changes occur..

If a being finds an alluring or attracting package or something of their interest then they would not let their weaknessess dominate them…whether it is new year or not resolutions are only made by the will and consent which would definitely demand something in return…and without getting nothing they wouldnt bother bringing in changes in them although the know it would solely benefit them.

Just like when students dont have exams they would not bother studing…..and as soon exams are on their heads they would start studying all day all night.

Another example could also be drawn….that people make resolutions that they wont let their sluggishness over power them…but they lose…and if they are been offerred a handsome amount of money for working at night hours they would definitely not allow the dominance of laziness then

Its all about the priorities and preferences ..

lets see how many agree and how many dont…………..

but all of them know very well what majority does!

New year resolutions could only work if people start making just one and only one resolution each year so that they can concentrate on one thing and can win over it!

It allow you to have a check on the very resolution you have made and trying to accomplish it…and on the same way pay attention to other imporatnt things of your life like work … family.. friends etc… plus you dont feel much burden upon you if you have one target to fulfill..and polishes your personality.