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New York Bankruptcy Lawyer


In America even workers who are honest and regularly pay their taxes can fall in debt. In such cases, filing bankruptcy may provide a solution to what seems an insurmountable problem. If you or someone you know is facing serious financial challenges, it is very important to seek the counsel of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. In New York you must be aware that there are 4 Bankruptcy courts. They are the Northern District of New York Bankruptcy court, Eastern District of New York Bankruptcy court, Western District of New York Bankruptcy Court and lastly The Southern District of New York bankruptcy Court.

If you are a resident of New York you might worry about your bills, the mortgage on your car, your house and assorted bills that defy payment. In such a situation who are you going to call? The person you can call in New York is bankruptcy lawyer. Unfortunately, the rules have changed significantly since 2005 but a Bankruptcy Lawyer will certainly be a great help in New York.
Before you contact the New York bankruptcy lawyer do some home work. Get on the net and search for New York Bankruptcy Lawyer. There is good chance that you will find who you can hire. However before telephoning the New York Bankruptcy lawyer collect all your bills together as well as the latest copy of the bills or statements from everyone that you owe money to, copies of all loan agreements and copies of the last three months worth of all of your utility bills, including cell phone and cable bills. This is important as your Bankruptcy lawyer will need all these. He will also need copies of any legal notices that you have received about the money that you owe and a copy of your credit report as well.

Follow the above and get copies of your last three pay stubs and documents on any other sources of income (if you have). The New York bankruptcy lawyer will have to inform you whether you are eligible for a bankruptcy or not. However before he decides this he will have to prepare a budget to see if you can pay your current bills.

The first meeting with the Ney York bankruptcy lawyer is important. You will have to explain all the documents which you have given to him in detail. Remember in any legal situation it is a good idea to tell your lawyer everything about your finances. This is absolutely necessary. Your attorney needs to know everything about your finances to determine if bankruptcy is a legal option
At the end of the meeting and in case your case is accepted by the New York bankruptcy lawyer, he will refer you to a federally approved credit counseling service. This must be completed before you can file for bankruptcy. Once the first meeting is successful you come back to sign the paperwork to file for bankruptcy. At that meeting you’ll be told when you have to appear in court.
A new stage of your life will now commence with the filing of bankruptcy. You are not going to be free and clear of debt for a while, but the court will be managing your payments. The good part of bankruptcy is that, as long as you fulfill your requirements to the court, you don’t have to worry about creditors at all for the simple reason that they can only talk to your New York Bankruptcy lawyer.

Hiring a New York bankruptcy lawyer will be a great help. The lawyer will take all your calls from creditors and he will tell you what information to give as well as file your bankruptcy case. The last thing is the payment for your New York Bankruptcy lawyer. This you will have to work out with the lawyer. Some may settle for a lump sum and other may ask to be paid in installments. But remember you will have to complete all the payment before the case is heard

New York Bankruptcy Lawyer
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