Newbie Here! Let's get to know each other. :)

Hello everyone!

I just joined Seekyt this morning and I don’t really know what and how it works. But first of all let me introduce myself.

My name is Denis Bogdan. I live in Croatia and I’m 19 years old. I finished Engineering high school and I’m currently unemployed. After graduation I started searching for ways to make money other then get a real job which is also hard to get in my country. So, by profession I am an Engineer, but as a hobby I’m also a blogger, photographer and graphic designer.

I ‘worked’ on Bubblews for about three months. It’s also a site which pays for writing posts. I managed to make $300 in that three months. Either way I graduated as a Engineer I absolutely hate it and I know it’s a bit late for a career change, but it’s still not too late. All my life I’ve been atracted to tech, but as I was growing older I realized that none of these stuff are for me. I didn’t really like programming in high school either way I was good at it. Meanwhile, as a home hobby I was editing videos, photos and sound. But neither that worked for me. Finally, after trying all of these stuff I found out that I want to become a Graphic Designer.

Yeah, I know. I haven’t gone to Graphic Designer high school, neither I went to college, but sometimes you just have to be lucky and really persistant in what you do. I started with basics of graphic design at home six months ago. I was just making some stuff I wanted like icons, calendars etc.

Then I found the term ‘Freelancer’. I started to search for some freelancer websites and found the biggest of them all – I joined there a month ago and I hope I could start making at least some pocket money, because I’m either way unemployed, either way some people make a living out of it.

I can say it started well on Freelancer. It’s a great site where you can work for clients without longterm hiring or having a Graphic Design degree. I’ve worked on several projects, but I got awarded for just one. They say the hardest thing is to start. Once you get one project, others will come. So I hope it will be as they say.

That’s it for now. I like to write about tech, music, games, books etc. I’ll see how this page turns out and if you think you’d be interested in these topics I hope you’ll keep reading my further articles.

Thanks for reading my article.