NFL – Who is the Greatest Head Coach of All-Time?

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Picking the greatest head coach in the history of the NFL is like picking the best player, fans from different parts of the country will have a strong argument for and against different men that have had a strong impact on the game.

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West coast fans still believe that Bill Walsh of the San Francisco 49ers had the biggest influence in recent years with the development of quarterbacks and perfecting the quick hitting passing game, but in the East Bill Belichick is considered among the best ever with the dynasty he has built in New England, but true football fans still remember head coaches that made men leaders and developed the game into what it has become today.

ESPN has compiled a very interesting article with the top 20 head coaches of all-time and have taken into account everything these great leaders have accomplished and while both Walsh and Belichick are listed in the top ten, Vince Lombardi is still ranked as the best ever.

Lombardi took over a Green Bay Packers franchise that was in ruins and over the next nine years he won five NFL Championships, including the first two Super Bowl winning teams. Green Bay had 13 straight losing seasons before the hired Lombardi away from the NY Giants.

After winning the five titles, Lombardi became General Manager of the Packers, but he actually returned to the sidelines for one more season, this time with the Washington Redskins in 1969 and he led this group to their first winning season in fifteen years and he received a piece of ownership in the team for leaving the Midwest, but this man will long be remembered for his days in Wisconsin and the accomplishments he and the team achieved while he was in charge.

Unfortunately the following year he passed away after a short battle with cancer, but Lombardi still holds the best winning percentage in playoff history,.900 and the third best winning percentage ever as a head coach. The legend of Lombardi is still evident throughout the NFL and the city of Green Bay with statues, trophies, streets names, and countless other accolades stowed upon this terrific coach.

The NFL also knew of the greatness and just one year after his death, the league inducted Lombardi into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio as an honor to the family and the man that changes football forever.

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NFL – Who is the Greatest Head Coach of All-Time?, Seekyt
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