Niagara Falls Boat: Top Priority among Visitors

The first boat of visitors to experience a tour on the original Maid of the Mist left the boarding platform in 1846. They went across the waters, under the American Falls and made a return trip – a tour that remains popular to this day. The Maid VI and VII are not alone on the waters beneath Niagara Falls. An adventuresome visitor can find jet-boats available as an alternative to the two 600-passenger boats for an experience that is close up and personal.

Oldest Tourist Attraction

Niagara Falls is rich in history, culture, recreation, shopping, adventure and agriculture. The Falls are an energy-rich source of natural hydroelectric power and an icon in the field of renewable energy. Niagara Falls is also the oldest tourist attraction in North America. Visitors enter the area through Niagara Reservation State Park.

The Niagara Falls Discovery Pass includes admission to the boarding dock for a boat tour aboard the Maid of the Mist. Millions of tourists, vacationers and visitors over the years stood at the same spot with anticipation of this 30-minute thrill that they were about to experience. As an alternative to the passenger boat, visitors can choose a whirlpool jet-boat experience packed with thrill and excitement.

Tour Itinerary

As visitors enter the ticket area, they receive a souvenir raincoat poncho that is also free and recyclable. It helps to keep the wearer dry against the mist and spray of these awesome Falls. From the departure point, this boat takes you under the American Falls and onward to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Jet-boats are a new millennium addition to the Niagara experience. Two types of jet-boat are available: the Wet Jet or a Jet Dome. The wet jet requires boarders to have a complete clothing change, but the jet dome does not require this. The jet-dome departure point is on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

Tour Benefits

Circle back and disembark to find the Maid of the Mist Plaza welcoming you with a gift shop to help keep the memory alive for years to come. Niagara Falls boats run from early May to the end of October. You can immerse yourself whilst sharing the Niagara experience with the more than eight million visitors who flock to the area each year – many arriving in Summer to experience a tour aboard the Niagara Falls boat.

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