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Niche Marketing-What to Sell on the Internet

Competing for online sales is tough today, but far from impossible. If you have been struggling to find your place in the business of internet marketing, you may need to start to think smaller.

Internet marketing is tough. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals, and large online retailers bidding for each dollar spent online. The large online marketers have the advantage of diversification, huge advertising budgets, and SEO experts. Mainstream products have intense competition for prime keywords, and keywords drive traffic. If you have no traffic, you will certainly not be successful.

There are a few things that you must have to be successful in online sales. You must pick a product that has demand, which is an easy task. You must be able to compete with relevant keywords, which is a much larger task. Thirdly, you must be able to create a site with informative content which satisfies your potential customer’s need for information.

If you have found a product which interests you, creating content and excitement around that product will be much easier. So, let’s consider that a small part of the successful internet sales marketing equation.

The next concern is finding a product or service with a decent amount of search traffic. This can be done very easily using the free Google keyword tool. Just enter your prospective keywords and it will show you the competition and the average number of monthly searches. One concern to be aware of is that your keywords should be relevant to the product or service you are going to place on your website. Be sure to size up the search traffic for long tail keywords. Those are the keyword phrases containing several words. Only a small portion of searches are conducted with one or two words. Think about what you would enter into a search engine if you were looking for information relevant to your website’s content. Remember, the keywords need to be relevant, as you only want visitors that are looking for information that you can offer. General traffic will not drive sales.

The next concern is your competition. If you underestimate the size and effectiveness of your competitors, you will likely never succeed. This is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn when it comes to selling or promoting products online. You know your website looks good, is well laid out, and easy for visitors to navigate. Unless you have traffic that is looking for information that you have to offer, you will not make sales, at least not any volume of sales to make it worth your while. Relevant traffic is the key.

Let’s revisit the requirements again:

  • Your product must have demand via search traffic
  • Your keywords must be relevant and attract qualifies prospects
  • Most importantly, your competition must be manageable

Taking the above mentioned facts into account you must find a successful niche product to promote in order to compete against the internet giants. Understanding what constitutes a “niche product” is vital. While thousands of giant sites may be promoting digital cameras, how many of them are actively promoting “underwater cameras” or “digital cameras for nighttime photography”? Let me give you another example. Maybe you have extensive knowledge about building websites. There are thousands of other competent website designers out there. How many of these website designers promote their ability, or expertise in website colors and how colors affect buying decisions, or how colors turn off potential buyers? Is this a possible niche marketing opportunity? You will never know until you do your research. I am not suggesting any of these as possible niche markets, my intention is to make you think about the millions of possibilities available that present demand, and competition levels that will give you a chance to make your pitch.

Find a niche product where people are spending their hard earned dollars, give them solutions to their needs, and don’t compete against the internet giants. Follow these simple rules, and successful niche marketing will work for you. Good luck!

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