NIck Wallenda Walking Across Niagara Falls

I just got back from vacation to the mighty Niagara Falls. It was a splendid time and If I would’ve stayed another couple of days I would’ve seen Nick Wallenda walking across Niagara Falls. But I got out of there before the 130 thousand or more people showed up who were planning on watching this great event.

I must say that if I hadn’t been to the Falls earlier in the week, I wouldn’t have really thought it was a big deal. But when you are standing there before that mighty waterfall and watching the majestic falls pound away you can only then understand why it is such a feat to cross over from one side to the other, and on a tightrope of all things!

We went to the center of the falls on the Maid of the Mist, which is the small boat that has a mighty powerful engine to get through the roaring waters. But first you have to take an elevator down to the bottom:

I think they told us it’s around 300 feet straight down. When you get into the elevator you cannot see anything. You are blindly moving down to the bottom to get onto the boat that will take you out into the falls.

This is what Nick Wallenda experienced when he walked across Niagara Falls, except he was quite a bit closer and the pounding wind and water moving him back and forth was a force to be reckoned with. When we were riding on the Maid of the Mist, the closer we got to the horseshoe falls, the harder it became to see. A constant mist was in the air and the winds would blow one way for a few seconds and then another way. My hubby almost lost his hat until we tucked it into his pocket and pulled his hood closer around him. The constant water dripping on your face made it difficult to see.

The beautiful thing about the falls is that you can photograph it from any angle. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth to be.

If you missed the tightrope walk, here’s a video that shows some of his newest adventure. In conclusion, I would say that Nick Wallenda’s walk across Niagara Falls was a success!