Nicotine Levels in E-Liquids

E-liquid nicotine makes up the cartridges used in electronic cigarettes. It’s known to be lethal in every sense. It also causes untold harm when used in large quantities or when it is ingested into the human skin.

The level of nicotine contained in e-liquid or e-juice vary a lot. Since most e-cigs come with varying degrees of e-juice with nicotine, it’s important to determine the nicotine levels before using any of the products. This is one vital pieces of information every electronic cigarette smoker should bear in mind. Failure to determine the nicotine level of e-liquid can lead to serious health challenges when the smoker continues to inhale the harmful substance.

Varying levels of e-liquid nicotine

The nicotine levels of most e-liquids come in varying strengths. Some of them have high or medium levels. Others have low or zero levels. In most cases, the nicotine strength levels depend on the company involved. Some electronic cigarette companies produce cartridges filled with low or zero level nicotine strength. Other companies manufacture cartridges with high or medium levels of e-liquid nicotine.

Again, the nicotine level of e-liquid can be measured in milligrams (mg) or milliliters (ml). Some e-liquids come with 6mg or 12mg while others come with 18mg or 24mg. The milligram levels vary from one company to the other.

Choosing a suitable e-liquid nicotine Strength level

Smokers who buy e-liquids in Australia and elsewhere need to discover how to make the right chose of nicotine strength level. One way to do so is to look at the e-liquid strength charts that are often made available on reliable e-cigarette sites. Most of the charts found online have the

following points to convey:

• When 0mg is inscribed, it means it has no nicotine at all.
• When 6 mg is inscribed, it means it has the lightest level of nicotine.
• When 12mg is inscribed, it means it has a comfortable or mild level of nicotine.
• When 18mg or 24mg is inscribed, it means it has a higher nicotine strength level.
• When 36mg is inscribed, it means it has the highest nicotine strength level.

Electronic cigarette smokers can make their choices when looking at the Premium e-liquid nicotine strength level outlined above. Smokers who are just starting out with e-cigs are expected to start with the zero strength level. Mild smokers can go for the light and comfortable strength levels. Heavy smokers can go for the high and highest nicotine strength levels.

Each choice made has its attendant consequences. E-cigs vapers should consider their smoking habits before going for any of the nicotine strength levels. They should also be ready to battle with the risks associated with the nicotine. It remains a dangerous substance that can terminate one’s life when inhaled or ingested even in smaller quantities.