Nikon D4: full-frame DSLR with 16 megapixels and ISO 204 800 supposedly

What the iPhone for smart phone fans, these are the full-frame cameras for photo enthusiasts. Full frame means that larger image sensors are used as in the ‘normal’ amateur and semi-professional models. And that usually means once again a significant leap in terms of image quality and resolution. However, the life cycle of these professional cameras is very long: usually it takes two to three years before a new model goes on sale, which will then also be longed accordingly.

Almost two months ago, the Canon EOS 1D X presented – the first full-frame DSLR, the Japanese manufacturer since less than three years. Nikon to follow suit, it’s just a matter of time. On the blog now a list of specifications for the awaited Nikon D4 is turned up, which will be secured according to the author on some little things.

Accordingly, not only for Canon, Nikon but also in the megapixel race – for now – too late. There should be only 16.2 megapixels, which is the vast area to share the sensor. Accordingly, one can expect a huge performance in low light conditions. It also allegedly offered ISO values ??show. The sensitivity range from ISO 50 to ISO reach 204 800. When the burst speed there is, if the rumor mill is right, but only a small update: The D4 are rumored 11 fps.

The autofocus Nikon also said to have donated an update. Thus, on the blog of 51 autofocus points mentioned. In total, nine of which are to be cross-type sensors, which work to F8.0 aperture. In addition, there should be a new face recognition, which works in any way with the viewfinder. Details can be found here but no. But perhaps the D4 has indeed a hybrid viewfinder, like him, for example, the Fujifilm X100 brings. Suggest a number of patents, the Nikon in the past would have submitted.

Like the Canon EOS 1D X is also the Nikon D4 to be equipped with an Ethernet port. For video fans probably suspected the possibility of Nikonrumors be interesting to see the moving image stream uncompressed via HDMI output port. In combination with the low number of pixels on the image sensor and high-intensity optics with the DSLR Filmmaker expected to move into new areas when it comes to low-light video. The matching D4 should also bring even more flexible video mode, which now also supports full-HD images with different frame rates.

We’re curious. Nikonrumors assumed that the camera at CES or PMA 2012 will be announced in Las Vegas. We are on site and the full-frame DSLR, then confirm the suspicions, hopefully get my hands on. Also a hot candidate for full-size in the coming weeks is the way the Nikon D800. Like its predecessor D700 , this model most likely will come with a full frame sensor. The Internet rumor mill suggested, however, that here comes a 36-megapixel full-frame chip is used. Hello, megapixel madness