Ninjago Halloween Costumes

Perhaps the most popular costumes this season are Ninjago Halloween costumes.

If you have boys, then this should come as no surprise. My son, for example, has dressed as a ninja for three straight years. To be perfectly honest with you, I would not expect this to change next year either.

When it comes to officially licensed Ninjago costumes, you really are out of luck.

Ninja Avenger Costumes

For some reason, LEGO did not release an official costume this season. For the life of me, I cannot understand why they would not want to. Fortunately, there are a number of options that will work just as well.

Take for instance, these awesome ninja costumes. Currently, you can find similar outfits that double as the red ninja costume, green ninja costume, black ninja costume, and the blue ninja costume. What’s more, this season an awesome new line, known as ninja avenger costumes, were released!

Ninjago Halloween Costumes

Each of these outfits come complete in a long, solid color jumpsuit that is accented with a printed black or grey belt and an awesome lion accented shoulder sash. The 2013 version are accented nicely with either a gold or silver colored dragon and matching shoulder pads.

While it is certainly true that last year’s outfits were nice, this season’s look will be a force to be reckoned with.

Snake Costume

In addition to the available Ninjago costumes, your son or daughter can also dress in a sensational Serpentine Halloween costume as well. This look is somewhat different that the normal Halloween idea. It features a black jumpsuit with a sensational Cobra hood style mask. This is certainly a new approach to a popular genre!

Regardless of which outfit your kid prefers. they are certain to have an amazing time this Halloween season!