No Dreams for the Wife

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No Dreams for the Wife, Seekyt

No Dreams for the Wife

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Late in the night, all alone in the dark

I listen to the ticking’s of clocks on the wall

I think about you, about then and of them

I think of those times, how it was way back when

She sleeps as I write this, at the end of the hall

In the room just beside her, the young one too lies

One calls me Daddy, the other sweetheart

Both need me daily to fashion our lives

Yet pains of the past have yet failed to leave me

As the pains in my back have yet failed to ease me

So up and awake I yet write and remember

Of all that has passed, that one special September

She too surely sleeps as I ponder my plight

Remember, regret, pretend that I’m right

My wife never dreams, so she says in the light

Yet I hear her poor cries, her weak moans of great fright

My nights are but dreams, of a mother, a wife

A daughter, a father, a brother and son

I dream of a lover, one who left me alone

I dream of the cold rain, the wind and the storm

The arms of my wife will lovingly hold me

Her lips and her sighs I’ll have when I need

Eyes full of love and of kindness I see

Laying beside her, watching her sleep

Knowing the whole truth, remembering her words

“You were not there…”

My wife doesn’t dream

(C)2011 Tim Wilkinson/Wayne Wilkes

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No Dreams for the Wife, Seekyt
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