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No Electronics Zone for Your Kids

Contemporary moms have to face the problem with kids “occupied” by their electronic devices every day! Such kids are simply bombarded with countless children’s TV programs and electronic gadgets. We were born in the society where there was no need in electronics prohibition because we simply did not have it! But today’s ICM consulting reviews revealed the fact that more and more moms today are disturbed because of this problem. As it was proven if you give your child many electronic devices in pre-school age, it would give him or her more harm than good. So how to fight with this electronic insanity? Here are some tips how to promote toy zone without electronic devices for your children.

1. Give your child a variety of toys so they would occupy him or her all the time, for example, Lego construction set, balls, puzzles, building blocks, a sandbox, various art supplies, etc.

2. Change activities frequently. Do not only run with your child or only puzzle, change activities all the time not to make him or her bored. Combine high-energy activities and physical play with quiet games, crafts, arts, music, building, and even imaginative play. Remember that you have plenty of choices to propose to your child. And remember to give your child attention! Even if you have a short of time devote it to your child and have fun. The more attentive you will be the more communicative and cultured a child will grow!

If you have very little children before a year, then it becomes even easier to play! Give your toddler 10 to 15 minutes of a short game like Rattle-n-Roll or Shake. Let these games be short but do not avoid them at all!

3. Make your home interesting for the children. Create small quests for them because it anyway easier to watch them your own turf.
4. Never control the game! You are just a person who gives hints to a child but not a leader. Any game is your child’s game so let him or her explore all the matters on his or her own. Present a short demo about a game using new material, a toy or even imagination (if needed), and then back off. Just watch and you will be impressed about what your child or children can do.

5. If you are absolutely out of time let your family and friends enjoy the time with your child. Do not be afraid of it! Make sure that they have no electronic devices for your child and warn them about it. This will make a child more sociable and bring new emotions to his or her life.

6. Make a play night for the whole family once a week. It will be an evening when you all will spend time together playing some interesting games and by that means avoiding electronics.

Elina Sivak acts as a freelance writer for a number of digital publications based on ICM consulting reviews, and focuses on various digital prohibition subjects and other related matters. A proud nomad of digital community and an influential figure in everything related to the digital prohibition for children.

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