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No Emergency Home Power Generator and Your Power is Out for Weeks

Imagine a terrible thunderstorm knocking out the power in your neighborhood while your children are home alone without an emergency home power generator. Natural disasters cause scenarios like this on a regular basis where electrical power is out for weeks. I remember snuggling in bed at night with my wife and young children during storms like this because the children were afraid of the thunder and lightning and of being in the dark. You may have faced similar situations when violent weather events happened where you live. It’s times like this when you wish you could just flip the switch on a home standby generator to restore power to your home..

How to be Your Families Hero When Storms Come

How did you calm and protect your family when they looked to you to make things right during one of these weather emergencies? How long did flashlights last? Candles provide spot lighting but sometimes they can be even more dangerous than that storms that knock out your electricity. A whole home Generac Standby Generator can help you rescue your family from real and imagined fears. If you don’t have an emergency home generator you need to read the rest of this article to see how you can be your family’s hero when the storms of life come.

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Stuck on an Island Without a Whole House Generator

Not long before I wrote this piece I saw a news story about torrential rain and flooding threatening to destroy a bridge, the only access to the mainland for residents on an island in that area. I hope that didn’t happen but if it did, the residents of that island could have been without electrical power and access to the mainland for days. They could have been without electricity for essentials like cooking, hot water, and lighting until the bridge got repaired. That might not have been necessary if they had an automatic standby generator or a dedicated circuit generator to protect essential circuits to major appliances like a water heater and refrigerator or freezer.

Get A Standby Generator Before the Superstorms Come

In 2012 Hurricane Sandy became the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season. Sandy was also the second-costliest hurricane in United States history. Some fortunate New Jersey homeowners, whose homes were spared by Sandy, were still faced with the loss of electrical power. It would have been great if they had home emergency backup generators to help get through that disaster. Unfortunately, the United States is facing more and more deadly superstorms like Sandy.

Be Empowered

Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with the aftermath of a superstorm like Sandy. But the truth of the matter is, weather patterns are becoming more and more violent and destructive. That’s why it’s important for you to prepare to protect your family from a significant weather event where you live by purchasing an emergency home power generator. Some of these generators restore power to your entire home until the power comes back on. Some of them will only restore power to essential circuits of your choosing, to restore partial power to your home.

Be A Super Hero

You get this kind of peace of mind at some amazingly low prices. How much is it worth to know that your family is safe and happy when a terrible storm knocks out the electricity in your neighborhood. Click here to get more information about Generac Generators, Kohler Generators, and Siemens Generators. Your child may still want to snuggle up close to mom and dad during those times. Not because of the storms outside but because mom, dad, and an emergency home power generator are their heroes.

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