No stress for back to school

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Your child has spent more than two months to have fun, to live at their own pace and do almost what he wanted. Find the constraints of the school does not necessarily excited … Also, go to this little difficult course, he will need you to be a little more available than usual and you all your affection. Here are 10 tips for a stress-free return.

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1 / Get used to the new schedule: after the lazy mornings and summer evenings, your child needs to find a new rhythm. A few days before the start, move his bedtime and her up. Ideally, bedtime should not exceed 21 hours, even allowing half an hour reading in bed.

2 / Prepare the psychologically. In the days before the big day, talk of the school. Explain why there is and what benefits it will draw. Your argument must adapt to the nature and age of your child: he will find his friends and make new ones, discover new activities, learn things that will help it grow …

3 / Reassure., It is anxious, and when you talk of the season, he whines: “No, I do not wanna go!” Nothing more normal. Tell him that you understand his fears because it will change teacher, class … and at his age as you were you apprehensive of days back, but you have many friends. Explain that in the event of difficulties, you will be at his side to help overcome them.

4 / Prepare it to be autonomous especially in the toddler, the lack of autonomy can create a real stress. To avoid him, teach him to undress and dress himself. To help identify his clothes with labels sewn bearing his name or acronym that will easily recognize. In addition, it will avoid the frequent confusion because it is not rare that two children are wearing the same clothing.

5 / Make sure to make the usual medical checks: vision , hearing , teeth , vaccinations . It is important for your child’s future, because it is common for a child to become a “bad boy” only because of poor eyesight or hearing failed. How to find out if it is not clear or if you can not hear properly what the teacher says?

6 / If your child comes to kindergarten or if another school (6th passage, moving …), do not wait for the big day to present his new school. Nothing scarier place without a coordinate system in which he feels lost. To familiarize with the place, made ??the trip several times with him while explaining where the court, classrooms, playground … If there are “open days”, take the tour of the school, this will help to create new benchmarks and trust him on the day of the season.

7 / Buy her books on school and especially on the back. Children love to identify with the “heroes” of these educational materials. Moreover, these stories reassure them and allow them to see that others also are anxious or mourn the big day, especially since it always ends well!

8 / Prepare him a small bag or briefcase with personal belongings (clothes for smaller transport card if necessary …). Drag an object that are also particularly fond of (a blanket, images he collects a toy …). This will reassure him to take a small piece of their usual environment with him.

9 / On the day, wake up early enough to avoid being too “speed”. He must have the time to wake up and take a good breakfast. If he has no appetite because it is anxious, do not insist, but prepare him a snack (cheese sandwich, cereal bar, fruit …) that you slip into his briefcase.

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No stress for back to school, Seekyt
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