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As you are hurtling through life, work, home and other extracurricular activities, trying to stay fit and healthy is sometimes the last thought that comes to your mind. Although maintaining a fitness schedule can sometimes be an uphill task, here are some tips that can help you to remain in good shape, irrespective of your busy schedule.

Move about while talking on your phone
If you happen to be on the phone for long periods of time, come up with different ways of being active during these long calls, instead of being seated in one place while speaking. It can help to move about and take a short walk without losing focus whilst on the phone, as it can help in stretching your leg muscles and get some form of an exercise. Even if you are unable to move out of the office, you can try pacing within a free area in the cubicle or office space, rather than speaking for long hours in one seated position.

Carry super foods with you
Most busy people often neglect their eating habits and mindlessly opt for fast foods or vending machine meals, especially when they are extremely busy. In some cases, opting for takeaways and pizzas can sometimes become more than just a regular occasion. To ensure that you are receiving your daily nutrition, maintain a steady stock of healthy foods at your reach that can help in delivering optimum health benefits instantly. For instance, keep a small container of dried nuts, fruits and seeds such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts and pumpkin seeds, either in your bag or in your drawer so that you can reach out to eat whenever you feel hungry. If you are compelled to eat out often, ensure that your meals contain tomatoes, spinach, blueberries and salmon.

Choose reputed, healthy hotels when constantly travelling
According to a study conducted by the Journal Of Occupational And Environmental Medicine, it has been seen that travelling executives who are constantly on the move, on account of work for more than 20 times every month, were 2 times more likely to be obese and 3 times more likely to feel like they had an unhealthy lifestyle as compared to executives who travelled for only 5 times every month. If your job entails you to travel away from home for long periods of time, ensure that the places you book for staying also houses a gym as well as offers healthy food options in their menu. Doing so can avoid comfort eating and you will be motivated to work out in the gym, at the hotel you are staying.

Run around with your kids
If you have little kids in your home who are constantly running about, you will quickly realise that running behind them is far better than hiring any kind of personal trainer. Running about and playing with your children, be it on the trampoline, chasing one another around the living room or playing a game of tag. Playing with your kids is an excellent way of working out without realising it. In addition, you get time to spend with your kids and do not feel guilty about staying away from them, given your hectic lifestyle.

Carol works as a freelancer, her main writing includes on health and wellness subjects. She is currently writing articles for US Pure Garcinia Cambogia Blog, an online store for Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplement.

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