Nobody For President: 2012 Campaign

Nobody for President Launches An Honest 2012 Campaign

With scent of the season filling the autumn air, Nobody for President has ignited the 2012 Campaign with new ideas, a clear understanding of what a sluggish American economy and an even more sluggish American culture needs, and detailed, workable plans most of us can embrace as country united in purpose.

Nobody for President believes that a few simple principles will inspire Americans to vote with their hearts and minds in the 2012 Campaign:

  • Nobody for President believes in integrity first.
  • Nobody for President delivers truth, not fantasy, in telling it like it is to the American people.
  • Nobody for President believes that United is as important as the States of America.
  • Nobody for President is committed to reducing inequality among the citizens of this great country.
  • Nobody for President believes strongly that, if given the truth about any situation, the American people have the intelligence and heart to do the right thing, even if it means going in a different direction.

Nobody running for president has a 2012 campaign full of fresh ideas and will not dredge up old hot buttons just because they magnetize passionate niches in society.

Nobody wants Americans to be united in purpose, not divided (and conquered) in electing officials who can’t and won’t govern in a civil atmosphere that respects all honest points of view.

Nobody is a candidate who, as they say, is there for you, not the lobbiests, PACs and fat cat contributors. Nobody for President agrees that most of the 2012 campaign is about conning voters into voting against their own best Interests.

Respectful of your rights, intelligence and integrity, Nobody for President solicits your support.

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