Nokia Lumia 800 – Review and specification

The first impression of surprise: It feels really good, the new Nokia smartphone Lumia 800 – the first of the Finns, it is with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7 operating system loaded. And also Nokia’s new flagship phone, the show with the group wants you to him for a long time should not be lost. But the phone is made of plastic. And plastic has often cheap.

It also explains that Nokia employees prefer to speak of and not polycarbonate plastic. For the milled from a block of plastic housing feels very comfortable – and stable. Did not like the plastic things some other manufacturers, whose high-gloss give back to deform under pressure and crackling noises.

The plastic body has against a metal even many advantages: it is cheaper and with less energy to manufacture than one made of aluminum. The antennas caught signals including at better than those who only need to pass through a metal sheath. And you can completely replace plastic color. Scratches should it stand out less clearly than on a painted body.

Precious screen

What is all the more striking is the display. Unusually, it has been put on a slightly curved protective glass, which seems to merge with the underlying plastic body that looks elegant and robust. The flaw that he has a relatively low resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, it compensates with great picture quality.

The built-in AMOLED display technology impressed by the extremely deep blacks and strong contrast in bright colors. And even when the phone looks very obliquely from the side, the colors remain unchanged. Most other screens show strong staining in such approach.

Technically, there is no doubt that Lumia 800 is processed first class, very reduced, and therefore made particularly successful. An eye-catcher that does just what you expect from a high-end Nokia mobile phone.

Streaming? Do not go straight

If you turn on the device, things look very different. Place in a little stale, but Nokia familiar icon-forest, you find yourself in Microsoft’s Active-screen. The test device was swarming on his home screen, the only way of tiles that constantly changed, and changed their colors representing different content. Some beads are among them: for example, an app the airline British Airways, which indicated changes in the number of the next booked flight also like the QR-code boarding card for check-in scanner.

One way to test the Nokia vaunted mix radio, there was not, unfortunately. Mix Radio is part of every Lumia smartphone and lets users listen to free music without registration to their liking. That does not mean that you can choose individual songs or albums. Instead, Nokia has for dozens or hundreds of flavors together playlists, each containing 50 songs and the listener will be played on demand via streaming.

Software with no surprises

That was exactly the problem with the review: Of all in-house exhibition at the Nokia World Nokia mobile networks were overloaded and wireless permanently, to let no streaming. Theoretically, you could invite four previously Playlists completely for offline listening on the phone, but because no one had thought. How good mix radio really is, must therefore show a later attempt.

This also applies to the built-in navigation functions. You could look at the already in London. Try not. The few test devices of Nokia employees should not leave the building well.

Surprises contained the Windows Phone 7 software, the tester does not otherwise. It was the same one that ships with all current Windows smartphones. Nokia did not care to think, not even Nokia was a symbol to be seen.

At first there was nothing objectionable: the 1.4, GHz Qualcomm processor handles fast apparently all the tasks that it imposes on Microsoft software. It is interesting to examine in a more intensive test how fast is the camera, as well the cell phone with videos and various online data sources clearly is – and how good it is proven in daily life compared to Android and Apple.

Such a test is, of course, once the first Lumia phones are available. Long cannot take it anymore. The production in Finland is already running at full speed, the launch is planned for mid November.