North Carolina Freelance Paralegal

The paralegal profession changed for the better back in 2004 when the North Carolina Supreme Court decided that to be a certified paralegal one must complete an education program, pass a state exam, be a legal resident, and apply with fees over $100. Paralegal are now up there in the ranks with clinical therapist, insurance adjusters, hair stylist, insurance agents and more! From this birthed the variance in services a paralegal could render, thus became the freelance paralegal.

North Carolina Certified Paralegal can serve more than just maintaining the traditional attorney paralegal relationship. Paralegals can complete documentation that many do not even know that an attorney is not required for. For example deeds to homes can be handled by a certified paralegal. Custody/support/divorce documentation can be readily prepared by a freelance certified paralegal. Yet another example includes power of attorney documents. These can be a load off an attorneys shoulders if rerouted to an experienced and knowledgeable freelance certified paralegal in North Carolina.

To the newbie attorneys without an assistant, consider a North Carolina Certified Paralegal. You will not have the overhead expenses as you would with hiring a full-time paralegal. This contract servant can work set hours for set pay and leave you without the burden of overtime expenses as well. Because you are dealing with an individual approved by the North Carolina State Bar, you will not have to further train them. Their continuing education requirements will mandate that the paralegal is kept in the know of changes in law and more.

Lastly, to the public a freelance paralegal can save you time and money by dealing directly with them versus going to a law firm. Freelance paralegals can handle personal injury cases, wills, and other documentation needs previously mentioned.

Be sure that your freelance paralegal is also a North Carolina Certified Paralegal. This way you will have no doubts of their educational credentials and their accountability to the State Bar Association.