Norwegian killer without remorse, WHY?

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There are many people who would not understand why some one can kill so many kids with such a sense of purpose is unjustifiably inhuman and complete disregard for adherence to any self conscience but not for Anders Behring Britvic. The fact of the matter is that many people share the same far rightist thinking, such as EDL and other such groups. Few are probably brave enough as to act on such vengeful ventures. Last such genocide in Europe at such horrific levels was the Serb Army led by Ratko Mladic and his chain of sympathisers. The rhetoric was the same, to rid Europe of the Muslim population. Why did Europe not take a strong stance to root out this hatred of a few individuals who have such influence as shared by Ratko Mladic, Anders Behring and the such.

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Looking back in history looking at the Nazi movement was distastefully repelled by everyone even now. Any one denying the holocaust is considered a fundamentalist. Why is there not such a negative reaction to what the Serbs did in Strabinizka as the Nazis did with the Jews. On the biggest note why is this incident in Norway not considered as an act of terror, raising the question what we consider terrorism, is it when a Muslim kills people?

On the other hand a Muslim fundamentalist movement is labelled as a terrorist organization but when organizations like EDL who propagate violence and hatred are let loose to inspire such miscreants such as Anders and the like little is done to denounce to deface far rightist white supremacist organizations. It shows the double standards that we in the Europe are leading, which paves the way to more genocides such as those to happen through the hands of people who are so blinded by their purpose that they are callus to the loss of life they are willing to sacrifice inorder to achieve their aims.

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Norwegian killer without remorse, WHY?, Seekyt
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