Nostradamus Forecasts are Vague and General

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Many people opine that Nostradamus was a great astrologer. Most of the opinions are based on the various books on Nostradamus that claim to interpret his quatrains.
This is the bane of the readings and forecasts of Nostradamus. Many people have written about his forecasts by reading his quatrains and making their own interpretation. Most of them have been correlated after the event has happened. This is the boring aspect of trying to read the prophecies of this man.
What did Nostradamus write? Nostradamus wrote in Latin and French and had a number of publications. He wrote his forecasts in the form of quatrains or verses that were generally vague and open to different interpretations. Over the last 500 years nearly 200 versions of his works have been compiled and one cannot say which the authentic version is.
The Prophesies of Nostradamus
The prophesies as stated by Nostradamus are extremely general in nature and do not pinpoint any time period. They are open to interpretation by scholars who can interpret them either way. An example is Nostradamus prophecy which states ‘In the city of God, there will be thunder. Two brothers torn apart by Chaos while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb.”
An interpretation of this quatrain can be done in a number of ways. The city of God could be any city from Mecca, to Rome, to Jerusalem or even Ayodhya. So whatever your religious inclination you can choose the city. A Christian may choose and interpret it as Rome, while a Jew could interpret it as Jerusalem. Thunder could refer to a war, famine, earthquake or a Tsunami or anything .Again it is open to interpretation. Coming to two brothers is again something that is difficult to pinpoint. There are so many two brothers. There is Krishna and Balaram and thousands of brothers. Depending upon which city you choose one can add the great leader of that city like Jesus in Jerusalem and destruction of Ayodhya by Babar. Thus the quatrains of Nostradamus are open to interpretation as they do not specify a time or place. I have added the interpretation to India, but all will agree that Nostradamus never knew about India and was far away from his thoughts.
Professor Seshadri Iyer author of New techniques in Prediction and a renowned astrologer (he was also the principle of the Institute of Astrology) in his writings has mentioned that there was a 1970 movie on Nostradamus that predicted that there would be a world war in 1994 and last till 1999. The gullible believed it and yet no world war took place.
Other opinions
Now let us see what learned scientists and academics have to say about the prophesies of Nostradamus. Most of these worthies have come to the conclusion that to associate the quatrains with world events just don’t stand the test of critical study or scientific thought. None of the interpretations by anybody have stood the test for a forecast or a correct prediction of time and period. Most of the interpretations are correlated after the event has taken place and then somebody will co relate it to the the quatrain. Nobody till date has ever interpreted any of Nostradamus’s quatrains specifically to pinpoint an event or a specific time before the event occurred.
.Last Word
Nostradamus lived in an age which had a lot of restrictions. It is possible that he disguised his quatrains in a language to deliberately mislead a reader. Perhaps he feared persecution. Whatever the reason, the correct interpretation of his quatrains has as yet not been done. And as it stands one can be bored with the forecasts of Nostradamus as they are far from reality.

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Nostradamus Forecasts are Vague and General, Seekyt
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