Not Sure

In writing this article I’m not quite what it’s going to be about. Being new to this,and trying to write about something I know, I draw a blank. Maybe It’s because I don’t know how to start out on the things I have been through. Going through the things I have done and come out pretty clean I can not complain. Being in the ring of life I’m in now has slowed me down. With age being the factor it’s understanding, that I can’t do the things I once did five years ago. Being as active as I was, slowing down can be a pitfall. To many years of using my body on the work I was making a living, has caught up. You don’t think about these things in the middle of your prime. Some things would show up on a hard days work, but disappeared when you were finished, and heading home. Pain is one thing you learned to accept, knowing that it would not do any good. This is part of fending for yourself, pain is your bother, mother, and sister. When you are doing your job and all these people show up, you have to take it in stride.

Knowing you are going to have a good payday the family disappears, you move easier and faster. You do this day in and day out until it’s time to change and do something else. You have gotten use to all of the aches, so now you are fending for yourself and doing a different job that brings the family back. So this starts all over again until you retire. From all the years working your body it takes a toll in the later years and makes it harder for you to fend for yourself. People do not want you anymore,things you try do not work. Learning the computer is no easy task, this is a young mans game. Old brains do not want to work anymore, to many programs to do the simplest things that can be done in a minute. Knowing what to write in a minute takes time, learning what to write can be fun. I ask you do people read the same way professionals write. It’s like taking a photo of something for stock photo’s, they want a perfect photo with no flaws just the best. Can people see the smallest mistake, I don’t think so, people do not look that close to any real photo’s. I’m still not sure on what to write, but it will come to me.