Now Clearing Blocked Sink Drain

You Don’t Have To Let a Little Clog Set You Back – Now Clearing Blocked Sink Drain

You were chopping up some sweet potato peelings in your garbage disposal and now you’re clearing blocked sink drain messes because you can’t get any water to go down through the sink. You know you probably shouldn’t have been doing that, but it was so easy to get rid of the peelings through the garbage disposal that you just couldn’t resist it. After all – you’ve done it before with success… so what made this time different than the rest?

The Answer Lies in Your Under the Counter Piping

What many home owners don’t realize is that the drainage piping that is under their sink at some point forms a t-intersection that has much less space for fluids and chopped up particles to flow through the rest of the pipes. In fact, a standard ¾ inch pipe can be reduced by up to two thirds at the t-intersect that allows your sink drain to meet up with the drainage system that covers the remainder of your home. All it takes is one little chunk of something that is wider than the t-intersect to cause a complete and total blockage of your sink drain. And that’s not all the bad news – if that has happened to you, no amount of plunging is going to be able to help you get rid of that stuck piece of junk. You’ve basically got two options that you can take.

The First Action You Can Take Is To Snake Your Drain

Because you’ve got a wedged in piece of something in your drain, you’ve got to be able to break it up so that it fits through the t-intersect. The easiest way to do that is to send a snake through your drain. These are also called augers and they are a flexible piece of piping that you can you to run through the drain and down toward the clog. It’s also firm enough to be able to take on virtually any clog and break it up enough to the point where the water and the bits of the clog can get through the small point in your drainage system. You can find these at your local hardware store for less than ten bucks in most cases.

The Other Thing You Can Do Is Take Apart the Drain Itself

If you just can’t clear the clog with a snake, then you’re going to have to get under the counter and clear it out yourself. Most PVC piping is easy to install and easy to take apart – you sometimes don’t even need tools. You simply need a large container to catch the water in so you don’t ruin your cabinets. Unscrew the connections, get to the clog, clear it out by hand, and then install the PVC piping sections in reverse order from how you took them out. Make sure all your seals are tight and then you’ve successfully completed a couple hundred dollar plumbing job on your own. Either way you do it, you are now clearing blocked sink drain problems like a pro.