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Now you can enjoy your morning hot cup without any guilt!

Every morning brings with it energy, hope, and light. The new morning symbolizes the new day that would give you the ray of hope. You can feel up your mornings with refreshed energy and joy with the hot cup of coffee which may add life into your body.

If coffee is so relaxing and soothing then what stops you from having it more? The guilt! Yes, the guilt of having something unhealthy would stop you from enjoying the morning hot cup. But you can now relax and enjoy your morning cup as coffee also has health benefits. There are many health benefits found in one simple cup of coffee when you make some changes to its routine brew. Read on to find out more.

How to make your cup of coffee guilt free?
There are certain health benefits of coffee but the regular consumption may also lead to some serious problems in future. The experts have given some easy to implement ideas to make this morning cup guilt free.

Don’t have it first in the morning
If you are having the habit of sipping the hot cup of coffee before actually coming out of the bed then you need to change it now! You can first have 2 to 3 glasses of water in the morning even before brushing your teeth as it will cure most of your health issues. The coffee can be taken half an hour after having water. This will help you enjoy your favorite brew without having any acidity problems.

Go low on sugar
Coffee tastes good when it is little sweet and little bitter but you may cut down on the sweet part to make it healthier. The sugar in your coffee can be replaced by brown sugar, honey, or other natural sweetener. Don’t use the artificial sweetener in order to replace the refined sugar as it will eventually affect your health in some or the other way. Using honey for sweetening would be the best idea as it will not just add the sweet taste to the coffee but it will also enhance your immunity levels that would help you through the day.

Add more to get more
There are many exotic herbs available in the health stores which enhance your health and taste both. You can add the herbs and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, carob, cloves, tarragon, chocolate, and mint to the coffee to enhance its taste while increasing its nutritive value. These herbs can be either added fresh or the dried herbs can also be added to the coffee beans at the time of grinding to get fresh aroma in the coffee powder along with health.

Get maximum benefit out of your mug
When you have decided to have the hot mug of coffee in the morning then get maximum out of it. Relax while having this cup full of energy. You can play light music, chat with friends and family, or just read a book and your coffee mug will turn into real magic. Make the maximum out of your morning mug so that your body doesn’t get affected with the harmful elements present in it.

Your morning mug can now be enjoyed guilt free with few easy to make amendments while brewing this energy rich drink.

Carol is passionate about flavourful cooking. She mainly writes articles on cooking related topics and she shares her writing in related blogs. Currently she is writing article on HCG Diet and its recipes, a weight loss plan those aids in burning unnecessary fat from the body and results in weight reduction.

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