Now your Smartphone Data is Always Secure with StealthGenie

When it comes to cell phone spying, people tend to be very choosy. The majority wants to buy an application that is economical yet feature-rich and accurate. One such application that has hit the cell phone industry is StealthGenie.StealthGenie has remained in the lime light for its excellent features and outstanding capability to monitor smartphones running on Android, BlackBerry OS and Apple iOS. The users have tested this application on a variety of smartphones and it worked perfectly fine on almost all of them.


Before purchasing, many people assume that this smartphone tracker is only meant for spying on different cell phones. If you carefully read through the user instructions and features on the website, you will discover a lot more!StealthGenie can do wonders! It offers the following features to the users:

  • View e-mail history
  • View call logs
  • View the contact list
  • SMS correspondence
  • Chat contents
  • Videos, music and pictures

However, the features that one can utilize depend on the package that they have opted for. StealthGenie is available in 3 different packages, i.e. Basic, Gold and Platinum. Each varies in terms of the price and features offered.

Backup and Wipe data – the finest means to protect and restore your data

Everyone who cares about their reputation must utilize StealthGenie on their own smartphones too. This application enables you to protect your precious data and even recover it if your phone gets stolen. This is possible through the Backup and Wipe data feature. Anytime your phone gets misplaced, you can easily send remote commands to it. These commands let you wipe out all the data stored on your phone. This is useful if you have saved your personal data such as pictures or videos on your cell phone. The more crucial scenario is where someone has saved their company e-mails, files or confidential data on their mobile phone. StealthGenie can instantly remove each and every piece of info from your cell phone and set you free from all the worries!

The Backup data feature comes in handy if you want to store your data on to another device before you can wipe it out from the stolen device. The theft of data can create a bundle of unforeseen issues for you but StealthGenie’s hi-tech features protect you from all this!

To utilize these services, you simply have to log on to your StealthGenie online account and send the commands through the remote control tab. No matter where your cell phone is, these remote commands will definitely work on it. In many scenarios, the thieves might change the SIM card of the stolen cell phone, but this doesn’t make a difference in the way StealthGenie functions. It will perform its task regardless of the SIM change and protect your data in any case!

So if you are concerned about your repute and data security then don’t delay and get hold of this brilliant application now!