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Nursery Rugs for Boys


When decorating the baby’s room for your little man, you will likely need to search through the most popular nursery rugs for boys. You can buy the nursery rug first and decorate the room based on its design. Another option is to consider your boys nursery theme and buy a nursery rug based on that theme.

Things to Remember When Buying Nursery Rugs for Boys

1. Measurements: They always say ‘measure twice and cut once’. In this case, we can say ‘measure twice and buy once’. Consider the open space you will be covering before buying any nursery rugs for boys. If you are short on space remember that an oval or circular rug may fit better. Also, bathroom rugs for kids sometimes look great in a baby boy bedroom.

2. Furniture: Do you want the rug to be under the furniture? Some parents aren’t concerned with this and others are. Ask yourself if you want the nursery furniture to cover any nursery rugs for boys that you decide on. Also, don’t forget to think about the furniture colors when buying the rug. Most parents buy the furniture first (or they already have it) and it’s not something that is so cheap you can just buy something else based on style.

3. Carpet Squares: Sometimes nursery rugs for boys can be found in the form of multiple carpet squares. There are companies that sell these to interlock together. If you are looking for a cheaper nursery rug option, visit carpeting stores and ask about carpet squares. Often these can be had for pretty cheap. Be sure they match the nursery though, a mish-mash of carpet squares could turn out to break a nursery theme.

Where to Buy Nursery Rugs for Boys

1. Etsy: When buying any nursery decorations I always check at Etsy first. Their sellers offer some of the most unique nursery décor options. Sometimes you can find sellers who will do custom work to make it easier to find the color set you are looking for.

2. Amazon: This major retailer site is becoming the cheapest place for all nursery decorations. When searching for nursery rugs for boys check here to explore their massive inventory. Remember to read user reviews to avoid any nursery rugs that are of low quality and degrade quickly.

3. Second Hand Stores: If you are having trouble finding the right nursery rugs for boys, don’t forget to visit any second hand stores in your area. Every once in a while you will run across some great finds.

Hopefully, you were able to use these tips to narrow your search for nursery rugs for boys. Be sure to have fun decorating your nursery and good luck.

Nursery Rugs for Boys
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