Nursery Wall Decor

There is a large selection of nursery wall décor to choose from when decorating your baby’s room. Be sure to consider all the different options before buying any nursery wall hangings or similar items.

Nursery Wall Stickers
Wall stickers are a fun and colorful version of nursery wall décor. You can find more general specimens at large retail chain stores. Search for nursery wall stickers at handmade sites like Etsy as well. Many sellers offer customization for their nursery wall stickers so they can include different colors or your baby’s name. These custom wall stickers are a fantastic, unique piece of nursery wall décor.

Framed Prints
Hand printed images have become more and more popular in recent years as tasteful nursery wall décor. Most major cities have independent business owners that specialize in screen-printing. You can find some of these sellers on Etsy. Like those selling wall stickers, independent printers often offer buyers a choice regarding colors. Be aware that these prints look their very best when framed.

Framed Pictures
There are two great ways to create wonderful nursery wall décor with framed pictures. One way is to frame pictures of family members and arrange them symmetrically on the wall. Another method involves searching the internet for pictures applicable to the nursery them and framing them. For instance, if you have a transportation nursery theme you could find pictures of trains, planes, cars, and trucks to hang on the wall. Both of these nursery wall décor methods only require purchase of the frames and prints. One of the most popular hanging methods is to arrange four different 5×7 pictures in a square with 1-2 inches between them.

Wallpaper Strips
Wallpaper is difficult to work with and often goes out of style. Many parents are adding to their nursery wall décor by applying small strips of wallpaper near the ceiling or the middle of the wall. This method of using wallpaper strips as nursery wall décor helps to add small accents to a nursery theme, as opposed to serving as a large eye magnet.

Use these simple suggestions to help round out your options for nursery wall décor and as always, have fun decorating.