NuWave PIC Reviews from Far and Wide

The revolutionary kitchen appliance, NuWave PIC is receiving extremely positive and wonderful feedback from all parts of the US and also from other parts of the world, wherever it is introduced. The main reason for such overwhelming NuWave PIC reviews is because the product has made cooking a highly convenient and time saving activity.

The NuWave PIC stands for precision induction cooktop. This product, unlike any other cooktop, is faster and safer to use. The appliance itself does not heat up. Instead, it heats up the utensil only and this has been tested with the help of ice cube, where the ice cube does not melt on placing it on the cooktop right after cooking a meal.

The NuWave PIC is used across both domestic as well as commercial sectors. Restaurants and eateries of all sizes are increasingly replacing their cooktops and gas burners with the NuWave PIC. Leading chefs and restaurant owners love the new product and their customers are appreciating the food even more. For example, one of the NuWave PIC reviews says, “As a chef and restaurant owner, the induction cooking technique has been fantastic. In our small café, butane gas burners would create way too much heat and hot spots on the pan surfaces. In the morning I set up our daily soup program and virtually walk away! The non-stick surface means easy clean up and no burning. I’m ordering two more sets this week.”

Even at homes, many home makers, couples and single people are making full use of the benefits of the induction cooktop. It is ideal for studio apartments and kitchens with less space. One of the NuWave PIC reviews had to say this, “My kitchen was recently remodeled and I was unable to use the stove or oven. However it was magical using the NuWave PIC as I was able to cook great meals anywhere in the house. I have purchased two for myself and plan to buy two more for my daughters. I love it! Love it! Love it!”

Another review goes to show how the NuWave PIC can be used anywhere. “I use it all the time now for slow cooking, frying. Omg! It’s unique. You can put it on your counter or anywhere where there’s space. I hardly use my stove anymore. Oops! I forgot I love my PIC because when the weather is nice, I cook whole meals on my patio. I recommend this product wholeheartedly.”