O.K. – I'm in!

Hello everyone!

On Bubblews we called our readers Bubblers. How are users called on Seekyt?

Ok, so I will just write what ever comes in my mind. I know that you might find this boring, but I just have to talk a little bit about my past. Sometimes I actually like to talk more about my life then write some articles. But don’t worry! I promise I will start writing something more useful articles soon. 🙂

A bit of jibber-jabber

Let me explain my article title. I’m in means that I will keep writing on Seekyt. There are so many sites that have the same idea, but not all of them are paying. I was a bit skeptic for Bubblews and the same thing happened yesterday with Seekyt. I wrote a post yesterday, and I saw some changes in my AdSense account, but I didn’t see any money. There were about 20 views but not a single cent.

Then I realized that AdSense is a bit slow and it takes a lot of time for it to register the data. This afternoon I saw that I have $0.33 on my AdSense account. So it’s true. This site really works.

Please also have in mind that I’m from Croatia and either way I studied English for about 10 years, it’s still not perfect and forgive me for some gramatically wrong sentences. Though, feel free to correct me at any time. Practice makes it perfect! 😀

I also plan to get few more people on this site. My cousins boyfriend introduced me with Bubblews, where I made $300, so I will return him the favour.

I plan to write a lot on Seekyt, maybe three articles per day. I hope you’ll find my posts interesting. As I’ve mentioned, I like to write about books, games, music, and a lot about personal life which I believe you’re not so interested. Please let me know what kind of content you’d like to see from me based on things you’ve learned about me.

And now the questions

I have few questions since I’m new here.

1. Do I have to use my own images or I can just download them from Google?
2. Is there a limit of how many articles can I write per day?

3. How do I upload my own photos? Is uploading to one of image services the only way?

Thanks for reading my post.
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