Obama defends agreement with Iran

Speech in Washington

Obama defends agreement with Iran, SeekytThe Republicans in the United States threatening to reject the nuclear deal with Iran in Congress. President Barack Obama walks with them therefore harshly. Given the resistance in Congress against the nuclear deal with Iran, the US president Barack Obama, warned of a momentous foreign policy mistake by the Parliament. “Many of the same people who have argued for the war in Iraq, now compete against the nuclear deal with Iran an” Obama said on Wednesday at the American University in Washington.

Obama called the agreement not only the “best choice of alternatives, but the strongest non-proliferation treaty that has ever negotiated.” The agreement was based on the strength of diplomacy and cut off all roads of Iran to a nuclear bomb.

“Congress rejects this Agreement from, he does not only open the way for an Iranian nuclear weapon, but would speed up the process,” warned Obama. The decision to accept or reject the Vienna agreement in Congress is the most important political decision since the Iraq war. “Stop the Congress the agreement, we lose something very valuable our credibility.”

Obama opposed the “mindset” of foreign policy hardliners who have the United States brought the war in Iraq and now come in the debate on the nuclear deal to light. The representatives of this school of thought would make America’s unilateral action on international efforts, the threat intelligence without basis findings exaggerate and play down the cost of a military operation.

The many places rated as a historical success nuclear agreement between Iran, the five UN veto powers and Germany has yet to be verified in the US Congress, where the Republicans currently have the majority. Obama had already announced that it will exercise its veto against the rejection of use, Congress should vote against the agreement. This could override by a two-thirds majority of Congress.

Critics in the United States feared that by the lifting of economic sanctions strengthened the Islamic Republic and its nuclear weapons program could expand despite the agreement. A rejection in Congress is therefore quite possible. The “Speaker” of the House and Republican John Boehner said in mid-July, the president had thrown into the negotiations its own principles overboard, because Iran retain a nuclear program. The agreement was “unacceptable” because it derive a “dangerous regime billions of dollars to”.

Obama now in his opening remarks, however: “An armed nuclear Iran is much more dangerous for Israel, for the United States and for the whole world, as an Iranian who benefited from the lifting of economic sanctions.” He was also directed to Israel where the agreement has been strongly criticized.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had called the Jews in the United States to speak out against the international nuclear deal with Iran. By the supported of Obama agreement climb the risk of war in the Middle East, Netanyahu declared in an article published on Tuesday in the Internet video. “I’m not against this agreement because I want a war. I am opposed to this agreement because I want to prevent a war. And this agreement leads to war, “he said. “Sit down against this dangerous agreement.”