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Obama Grants for Moms Going Back to School

Information about Obama Grants for Moms Going Back to School

With the current reign of President Barrack Obama, one positive feedback given is in correlation to financial aid program for students such as the Obama grants for moms going back to school. This is a very popular topic today especially for single moms under the young adults category. But, this grant is not centralized on single moms alone. Even moms who are handicapped or working part-time can take advantage of this opportunity. Since giving your kid a bright future requires a stable income, having a decent job is imperative. However, most job applications today require a college degree. Thus, undergraduate moms would greatly benefit from this. With that being said, what are the necessary details you’ll need to know about this kind of grant?

About the Obama grants

Since President Barrack Obama started his reign, he immediately signed a bill that increases the amount of money received from Federal Pell grants. This is applicable not only for moms who can’t afford college education but for those individuals belonging from a low-income household as well. There are other Obama grants that you can opt for aside from back to school grant. For example, one of President Obama’s grants provides capital for moms who want to start a small business.

Basically, the Obama grants for moms going back to school entitle moms an amount of $5,500 to as high as $10,000 for college tuition and other miscellaneous fees depending on the type of grant. This grant money can also be used if you wish to take online courses. The best thing about this grant is that according to The American Opportunity Tax Credit the first $4,000 is free of any types of tax.
Types of Obama grants

  • Federal Pell Grant – This type of Obama grant is the most common of them all. As mentioned earlier, students from low-income families can also apply for this grant. The amount of $5,500 is given for applicants who are approved.
  • Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant – As the name implies, this type of Obama grant entitles moms an amount of $4,000 provided that their chosen degree is education where in they will be teaching either primary or secondary students.
  • National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant – this type of Obama grant is given to moms that are currently at their third and fourth year of college. In order to be awarded with an amount of $4,000, she must show exceptional remarks in the field of physical science, biological science, math or foreign language.


These Obama grants have various qualifications required aside from those stated. First and foremost, moms who wish to go back to school must fill-up the FAFSA application form. This form is also available online. You can check the website www.fafsa.edu.gov for further details.

If you do a thorough research online, you will find various grants for single moms aside from those mentioned above. You can even seek financial support for your unpaid utility bills and other financial problems. However, the best thing you can take advantage is the opportunity provided by the Obama grants for moms going back to school since it offers a lifetime benefit for you and your child.

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