Obama is a Different President: He has Created a Niche of his Own

President Obama has set the minds of many people aglow with his actions. In fact many people are wondering about a lot of things. One of them is is the fact that Obama, the president of the USA hasn’t unleashed any war. In this case it’s crystal clear that Obama has created history.
In fact he has set up a different record. He is the first president who stopped wars and did not unleash them. I don’t recollect any such president in the history of the USA. Right from the time of Truman to Ike and Bush all started wars, be it Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Granada, Panama or Afghanistan. One can remember how Lyndon Johnson unleashed the operations in Vietnam by concocting the Tonkin Gulf incident. The sad part is that in most of these wars, the Americans were defeated and sadder still that thousands of young men in the prime of their youth were asked to die for some futile cause.
Obama is the first president who stopped this war culture and in fact stopped wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was as a senator always opposed to the Iraq war. He disengaged completely from Iraq and now he has decided the time has come to take the troops home from Afghanistan as he knows it is a futile war; a war the USA can never win.
There was talk that he would bomb Syria, but he has refrained from doing it so far. Any other trigger happy president would by now have unleashed an attack on Syria like Bush did in Iraq. Just imagine how Bush manufactured the WMD evidence against Saddam and Iraq. In any other country he would have been tried as a war criminal. He also sent nearly 5000 young men all Americans to their death. What for? He is now sitting and enjoying his retirement. He doesn’t deserve it.
Hence I salute Obama. Here is a man who is not dominated by an attack psychology. He is giving diplomacy a chance and he has the pulse of the American people who don’t want war. Well done sir. He knows that Congress will not vote for an attack on Syria. The only nation egging the USA is Israel. This nation forgets, its so tiny that in any conflagration it will be just swallowed up. All it needs is one nuclear device. For the moment lets thank Obama for the holding of the bombing of Syria and respecting the opinion of the vast majority of Americans who don’t want war.