Off The Beaten Track (Mostly): Best Places To Visit In NYC

Best Places To Visit In NYC

Many of the best places to visit in NYC are often missed by visitors and, suprisingly, even by New Yorkers. With that in mind, I started writing articles last year with an idea to feature lesser known spots I think you’ll love.

Well, a familiar spot or two crept in, but only with a unique perspective. The point of this article is to provide a single source link to all of what I believe are the best places to visit in NYC that you’d probably otherwise miss. Each link takes you for a detailed visit, always with photos and often with videos.

So, if you are coming to New York or if you’d just like to visit from a distance, here are my 100% free guides. Enjoy!

  • Brooklyn Heights–a great old neighborhood with a string of fine restaurants, brownstones and the finest waterside esplanade in the city.
  • Roosevelt Island–Manhattan’s often missed ‘little island,’ parked serenely in the East River and connected to its bigger, other half by a breathtaking arial tram. (See also, Roosevelt Island Tram)
  • Central Park (like a New Yorker)–See. I said there would be familiar spaces, but you’ve never seen the park like this.
  • Union Square–Historical, surrounded by shops and restaurants, this is New York’s vibrant urban square, parked between The Flat Iron District and Greenwich Village
  • Carl Shurz Park–Where Yorkville extends into Hell Gate, this park is where Gracie Mansion, official residence of mayors less wealthy than Michael Bloomberg.
  • High Line Park–Our newest great attraction. Historic and irresistible.
  • Eataly–Lidia Bastianich leaves the mark of great Italian cooking and shopping.

There will be more to come, but for now, I’ll add a couple of other links that offer more general suggestions for the best places to visit in NYC:

New York City 365

New York City Christmas

And finally, a tasty video to put a cheerful cap on your visit: Wonderful, Wonderful

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