Office Furniture Trends For 2014

Office furniture management trends for 2014 focus on improving working conditions, promoting health and wellness and making offices more eco-friendly.

Open-plan spaces for better collaboration

Open-plan work areas are designed to facilitate collaboration and brain storming. They have all but replaced the boxed-in, individual offices and ill-lit, poorly ventilated cubicles of the past. Bright, comfortable, open spaces featuring low, glass panel dividers and stylish office furniture built with performance and comfort in mind are the new norms in 2014.

The considered and efficient use of space in open-plan office designs is also good for the planet. Lower spatial requirements reduce heating and cooling costs, and ultimately translate into less demand for new office blocks and high-rise buildings.

Large, comfortable chairs

Increasingly, common areas are kitted out with large, comfortable office chairs and couches that evoke images of home.

Warm, relaxed colours, windows that open wide and the integration of nature-inspired décor elements – potted plants, art works framed in bamboo and sculptures made from hard woods, clay and cast bronze – are further office design trends that promote well-being and improved work performance.

Flexible office furniture configurations

Advances in technology have given us more flexibility in terms of where and how we work. Wireless connectivity, laptops, tablets and mobile phones mean that we’re no longer confined to fixed-position desks; tasks can be conducted quickly and efficiently virtually anywhere. In offices, one result is the increasing popularity of multi-purpose work areas, which can be quickly and easily adapted for different purposes.

Multi-purpose work areas need adaptable office furniture configurations. Tables of variable size and ergonomically designed chairs that can be modified to suit different needs support diverse functionality.

Smarter ergonomics

Ergonomically designed office chairs provide optimal support for the back and make it comfortable for users to perform a range of motions, such as tilting forward or swivelling to either side.

Well-designed, modern office chairs allow users to adjust chair height, depth and tilt to suit individual requirements. The latest office chairs are self-balancing. This means they’re designed to adapt automatically to users’ body shapes, based on weight.

Similarly, lightweight, height-adjustable desks are replacing the heavier, fixed-position desks of previous eras.

Integrate 2014 trends in your work area

Professional office furniture and facilities management specialists will have the creativity, experience and provider networks to transform your office into a lean, green, user-friendly work area ideal for optimal performance. Explore your options today!