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Office Space in Wigan

Every new business needs a space to succeed. Whether it is more office space for an expanding enterprise, or a place to organise and work for a new project or company, premium office and industrial space is paramount. For commercial manufacturers, industrial space is the most important thing a new business must acquire. In order to do this, the space must be ideal for the fledgling business, and in an area with low costs of living and doing business. The property for both office space and industrial space must be cheap to rent, easy to maintain, and close to other business centers or ports.

Wigan is a great place to acquire new office or industrial space because of its proximity to Manchester and Liverpool, while still sitting only two hours from London and Glasgow. This centrality lends itself to new companies trying to build an infrastructure and a network. This city is still on the upswing, with new businesses adding to a booming economy. Wigan is in the middle of a period of rapid development. In 2007, the Grand Arcade shopping centre opened, bringing in a multitude of new visitors, residents, and businesses. The historic pier quarter of the city has recently been refurbished to include a new hotel, restaurants, cafes, shops, and apartments.
With this influx of capital into the city, the opportunities for new businesses or those looking for a new start have never been better. More people are realising the potential of this beautiful, old city, and with new economic opportunities, who can blame them? With big businesses, such as the H.J. Heinz food manufacturing conglomerate which has a large manufacturing facility in Wigan providing jobs for many new residents, the Wigan markets are growing. As people move to Wigan, the economy for the whole city will improve exponentially.

After an economic downturn in the seventies and eighties, Wigan has steadily rebounded even through the recessions of the past decade to regain its reputation from centuries ago as a proud city. There is still lots of office space in Wigan available to new businesses and relocating businesses. As the city grows, so does the economic opportunity in the area. Through efforts from the Wigan Borough Council, new businesses have made their office space in Wigan profitable and revitalised the city.

Not too big, not too small, Wigan is a city of 318,000 people, with easy connections to the surrounding area furnished by an excellent public transport system. It is an ideal place for businesses from the surrounding Manchester and Liverpool to shift their operations to if needed. Whether businesses are downsizing or just ramping up, there is a place for them in Wigan. If you are considering moving your business, check in on Wigan, which welcomes new businesses with open arms.

Find office space in Wigan through the Wigan Metropolitan Development Company Ltd. Founded in 1980 by the Wigan Borough Council to help stimulate Wigan after an era of economic downturn, WMDC helps new businesses find office space in Wigan for affordable prices. The WMDC’s job is to match prospective businesses with the best office property in the borough, for the purpose of bringing economic prosperity to Wigan, and for the good of all Wigan’s citizens. WMDC also provides business support to new businesses in Wigan. The WMDC invests in new businesses and provides accommodation to relocating businesses in the area. In short, the WMDC tries to help Wigan business.

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