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Office Water Cooler and Purified Water

Eco-Friendly Office Water Cooler and Purified Water

‘Going Green’ means choosing eco-friendly products and methods whenever possible. At work, one of the initiatives that can be implemented is to use office water coolers that are environmentally friendly and sustainable to help the planet without greatly affecting the features and benefits that are enjoyed by the people in the workplace. Because of the improvement and advancement of technology, there is now no need to order water delivered by fossil-fuel burning trucks. A simple choice such as this one can greatly help the environment.

Bottled water delivered to your office can also be an environmental hazard. If the bottle is not recycled, it will be just cleaned and reused, which is not entirely safe. Oftentimes, large water bottles are no longer recycled and are just trashed, which could end up in landfills and remain there for decades. In other words, purified bottled water coolers could create more hassle than needed when all your workplace wanted was to enjoy fresh drinking water.

Plumbed-In Purified Water

New developments in plumbing enabled offices to install plumbed-in environmentally friendly water coolers that changed things for the better. Filtration systems are built into the water plumbing so that there is no longer need for water coolers that have heavy water bottles. The water is filtered and purified directly from the pipes, so that everyone in the office can enjoy clean drinking water without the need to have bottles delivered back and forth. Because of the reasons stated earlier, this initiative will greatly help the environment.

Water filters and water coolers are recent technological advancements that are constantly evolving, because the availability of clean drinking water is vital to the survival of a population. Those who have access to clean and fresh water are healthier, and will survive more. Water is as precious as air, as living things may survive many days without food, but not without water. Water is also essential for sanitation, agriculture and crop development. These days, the demand for healthy, clean water that is efficiently supplied continues to increase, especially in offices.

Ancient Water Filtration System

There are many kinds of water filtration systems that are used presently, even in ancient times. Egyptian cuneiforms reveal that water purification systems were employed even then. Some of the methods used to keep water free of germs and dirt is through boiling, heating under the sun and dipping hot iron to purify the water. Another ancient filtration method that was used thousands of years ago was purification passing of very hot water through gravel and sand, and then cooled for consumption.

In ancient Greece, water filters were also used to purify water. The most popular of these methods is called the Hippocratic Sleeve. Water was poured into the cloth sleeve to drain particles, leaving the water clean and safe for consumption. This ancient method was the central idea of office water filters and coolers in modern times.

Office Water Cooler Summary

An office water cooler is a very important part of a workplace. Employees and workers should have constant access to clean, pure and fresh drinking water. Modern inventions in water purifying systems have allowed filtration systems to be incorporated into office plumbing, so that people can directly drink from the office faucets, without having to use delivered bottled water and water coolers.

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