Officer questioned over leaking information on Milli Dowler's murder case

A police officer is under investigation of leaking information on the murder case of Milli Dowler. It has been claimed that he passed information to The News of the World while the inquire was still going on, in 2002.

A request to look into the allegation came from Surrey Police voluntarily. They asked the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate. The IPCC revealed further that an investigator is collecting documents from the Surrey Police headquarters in Guildford, Surrey.

The IPCC offered the Dowler family to meet them and discuss the matter further. Until this meeting, they can’t offer any more information. The lawyer of the Dowlers stated it had been assumed that information had been passed on to The News of the World. He also said that the Dowler’s family welcome this meeting.

Milly Dowler, 13 years old at the time, walked home from school in Walton-on-Thames. She disappeared and a inquiry over a long period of time eventually found and convicted the murderer. It is a nightclub doorman Levi Bellfield who killed her. He was sentenced in June.

During this investigation it was disclosed that the phone message of the murdered schoolgirl had been hacked into and deleted by the New of the World journalists. This happened while she was still missing and the police tried hard to find the murderer. As you can noticed it took the police endless work from 2002 to 2010.

This revelation started an avalanche of a public outcry. It also was the beginning of the phone hacking scandal. Ruper Murdoch closed down the The News of the World which was a 165 year old paper and thousands lost their jobs. However, as always Rupert Murdoch and his buddies couldn’t cared less. He was called in front of a Parliamentary committee but to be sure they were well selected. A previous scandal of phone hacking in 2007 went into court and the man responsible was sacked. Surprise, surprise he was employed in 10 Downing Street by David Cameron as Chief of Publication. It is not possible to imagine what that man picked up there.

In the meantime a judge-led inquiry will be set up to look into the whole affair. It will begin taking evidence next month. A spokeswoman for News International which is the parent company declined to comment. Now that is a real surprise.