Official NFL Jackets

Official NFL jackets are some of the world’s most successful and widespread sports apparel. Beloved by football fans everywhere for their classic look, toasty warm interiors and solid construction, official NFL jackets are both sleek and comfortable. They are unique from other popular football fan gear because official NFL jackets have received direct licensing permission from the National Football League itself to carry the same logos and color patterns worn by players. If you have a favorite football team in the league that you love to root for, you can show off your home team pride with an official NFL jacket and be secure in the fact that the authenticity and workmanship of your embroidered logos are guaranteed by the NFL.

In fact, it’s quite the stringent and rigorous process of approval that separates officially licensed NFL gear manufacturers and their common imitators. For one thing, you can only qualify to make official NFL jackets if you already have a minimum of three years experience manufacturing and distributing successful merchandise. The NFLP, the committee responsible for approving and overseeing official NFL merchandisers, also requires that your operation be a complete manufacturer and distributor. No middle-men allowed! If you have ever wondered why official NFL jackets cost a bit more than common imitations and cheaper knock-offs, it’s because the makers of official NFL jackets have had to put out a tremendous effort of both time and money just for the chance to pre-qualify for official NFL merchandiser status.

In the meantime, most true football fans don’t care about the corporate background to the official NFL jackets they know and love. The important thing is to show off your love of the game while wearing authentic football fan gear. You can rely on an official NFL jacket to keep you warm in the stands, even during wintry weather when the game goes into overtime. Consider surprising your favorite football fan with a special gift – the official NFL jacket that shows off their favorite team!