Offsite Data Storage For Multiple Users: What Are Your Best Options?

Offsite Data Storage for Multiple Users

Today, where computers play a vital role in almost everything an individual does; offsite data storage for multiple users is highly recommended especially in work related data. Why is this so? Hackers and computer viruses are inevitable foes in today’s technological world. Data corruption is something that should not be dismissed easily. It’s true that when a data or file is destroyed there’s nothing you can do but to redo it. However, what if you can apply some preventive measures? And that is main concept of this article. To help you decide which back-up systems you can take to save your important files from harmful computer files.

What is offsite data storage for multiple users?

Basically, offsite data storage for multiple users is a storage device or software where files are stored. It is however not part of your main computer system or drive. Meaning, it can be an online back-up service or any data manager software or server. With that, access to files can be given to multiple users provided that it is permitted or granted by the administrator. This can bring forth numerous advantages to both employer and employee.

Data storage options

In regards to back-up storage devices you can opt for various options. It doesn’t necessarily restrict you from online services alone. However, if you’re opting for access for multiple users, there are two remarkable options you can take. Nonetheless, here are data storage options you can take.

  • Flash drives or USB drive – The use of flash drives has become popular today especially for personal use. Individuals who are under the white collar job typically use this when it comes to corporate files. It is portable, cheap and efficient for data storage purposes. However, access is limited. Unlike other options where in you can access files anywhere and anytime; flash drive can only be used by a single person. Thus, the term “personal use” is incorporated in it.
  • Online back-up system – Sharing files through various online services is another popular trend today. In regards to online data storage, you don’t have to email documents. All you need to do is to save the file and grant access to a shared folder. You and other users would be able to access these files even if you are using another computer. Most websites that offer this type of service guarantees 100% file protection and free for limited memory. The downside is that internet connections is a must.
  • Network-attached storage – Corporations, businesses and even homes can opt for this data storage option. Network-attached storage is the best data storage option for multiple users. This is primarily because networking allows file sharing and viewing for multiple computers. All you need is a main port of access. For an approximate amount of $200 you can acquire a hard drive with 300 GB memory including an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi connections.


Knowing that your data are protected from any damages is already a great relief. Furthermore, file sharing can be a very convenient and time saver method for different industries. Offsite data storage for multiple users is surely worth every dollar you spend if you consider data protection and easy access in one package.