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Oil painting – A Popular Artwork of Modern Times

An oil painting is an expression on canvas that can reflect many things; from real life to abstract and it is one the greatest gift ideas. Painting in oil is an almost lost art medium in today’s digital age. As we all know that the painting in oil doesn’t require that the artist to be professional. Even, oil is the easiest medium of painting, so make it fun to paint an art with oil paint. A painting made with oil colors can be purchased on different occasions and it doesn’t require a big amount of money as these paintings are easy to pocket. The cost of an oil painting can vary according to the size of the painting, its age and the artist who made it. Basically, original painting made by a great artist can be found in shows, such as at an artist expo, from a private dealer or at an antique auction. Some original painting can be found online.

Oil painting is a unique way of painting where drying oil is applied as paints. Today, different new styles and techniques have made way into the paintings making them more true to life, enriched as well as versatile. They become too popular in today’s modern time. The modern artists praise them as well as found new ideas from them. There are many different types of oils were used to make paintings such as Linseed oil, poppy seed oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil and LIQUIN. LIQUIN is the famous oil painting medium; many artists used this oil for their paintings and it is definitely worth a try if you have never worked with it before. It improves the flow of oil and alkyd colors and helps in subtle blending and fine detail. It dries quickly and serves as a good medium for glazing. The sunflower oil is very similar to poppy seed oil; they both go best for whites and light colors.

If you are going to use linseed oil for your oil painting, it is the best alternate for a beginner. This oil is made from the seed of the flax plant. Basically, it is used as a final varnish for paintings that were made using the egg tempera medium. Generally, the paintings were carved on a canvas, but in some cases, they were created in paper sheet, cardboards and wooden panels, animal glue and gesso were used to coat the panel paintings. Modern gesso is the combination calcium carbonate and polymer acrylic. Animal glue saves from the harmful acid effect of the paints.

In oil paintings the outline of the subject of a particular painting is first made on the canvas. Then pigments are mixed with oils for preparing shades of color. Pigments include cobalt; manganese and lead were used in the early days to increase the drying process.

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