Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System –Your Best Solution to Acne Problems

Olay, the leading brand on beauty products, has recently launched a revolutionary product called the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. This is a supersonic cleansing device that promises to clean your face from any dirt and grime, thus, preventing pimples and acne from taking place. As compared with ordinary cleansers, this device is six times more effective when it comes to removing make-up on your face, including the dead skin. In only a few weeks of using, you will notice that your skin will become smooth and clearer than ever. Adding a sonic toothbrush to your daily cleansing routine is also a great idea.

The Olay Pro X Cleansing System comes with a two speed rotating facial brush as well as an Olay exfoliating cleanser. The brush works along with the cleanser in cleaning your face in less than a minute only. What you need to do first is to lather up the exfoliating cleanser on your face and then apply the brush all over it. After just one wash, you will feel that your face becomes soft and vibrant looking and with regular use of the product, you will have a smooth and acne free face. Always make sure you check with a dermatologist before you change your current skin routine.

Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System,
Let us find out more about this product to see if it is really worth it.


  • Features a professionally-designed two speed rotating system.
  • The soft bristle brush is replaceable.
  • The brush is gentle on the skin.
  • The battery lasts longer and does not need recharging more often.
  • Leaves your face feeling clean and smooth.


  • The button of the brush needs to be pushed more than once for it to work.
  • Few options for heads.
  • A bit difficulty in getting the battery covers off.

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So what’s good about the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System?

One of the compliments that the Olay Pro X Cleansing System get from customers is that they notice their skin feels extraordinary smooth and clean even after first use. They are extremely satisfied with the way this product cleanse their face because even their friends and family members have noticed a big improvement on the texture of their skin. Those who suffer from acne problems have attested that after regularly using the Olay Pro X, they no longer have to deal with those horrifying acne on their face. They have experienced great improvement on their acne, clogged pores as well as embedded blackheads and whiteheads.

With all the great things that customers have said about the Olay Pro X Cleansing System, one can really say that this product is all worth it. Aside from being very effective, it is very affordable too. There might be some minor disadvantages, such as few options for the heads, as well as the difficulty in removing the battery cover. But this has nothing to do with the efficacy of the product. Besides, if the brush works effectively in cleansing your face, then you no longer need those other heads just to get rid of your acne and blemishes, right? So make the wise decision! Buy this product for your acne problems and forget those other cleansing devices that are just a waste of money. You can see more Olay facial products here.