News Old Sibenik - A Historic Town To Live In

Old Sibenik – A Historic Town To Live In



The town of Sibenik is not only famous for forming a big part of the history of Croatia but also for being an amazing place to live in. Located in central Dalmatia, it prides itself as a tourist center of Sibenik-Knin County. However, it is rivaled so much by the likes of Dubrovnik and Split. On its coastline lays beautiful beaches where tourists come to enjoy the warmth during summers. Further in land, a wide range of tourist attractions are spread around the town. The major attraction that particularly draws so many tourists from both locally and internationally is the Cathedral – Sveti Jakov, which was built and completed back in 1434.

Old Sibenik – A Historic Town To Live In

Why Sibenik

If you are searching for a homely place to build your dream house or invest in real estate, Sibenik is just one of the kinds. Most houses hear have a sea view since the old town was built on a steep hill side that flows into the sea. Lately, a lot of the tourists have been making calls to real estate agencies asking for help in finding homes. Perhaps most of them are interested with the general atmosphere of this town.

Mediterranean climate

When you are at Sibenik, you can feel that it is more relaxed than either Zadar or Krk. The secret is its close proximity to the sea coupled with its favorable climate. The nights are warmed by the wind ward sea breeze while the days are constantly cooled by a gentle leeward sea breeze. These experiences blend a perfect atmosphere to live in all days of the year.

Old Sibenik – A Historic Town To Live In

Living there

Sibenik property is more reasonably priced than for example properties in Split. Most houses here are built with the ancient Damatian stone and are usually very narrow and tall. It is easy to find a property of 12-15 sq m going up 6 levels with sea views and a roof terrace. The Sibenik Coast road is lined with villas North and South; these are convenient and beautiful places to live in. If you are interested in apartments and flats, you’ll also find them here. Their prices vary widely depending on price and location.

Old Sibenik – A Historic Town To Live In

People who deal in real estate aspire to own property next to Sibenik Aquatorium, it is a yachting paradise that boasts about 240 isles and reefs. Each one of them has one unique feature or two. You can also find houses on plots that are set first row to the sea. These locations are popularly known for their quietness and eco friendliness. There are numerous ongoing projects for luxury villas that you could take advantage of owning one.


The advantage of owning a house in Sibenik is that you and your family will always wake up to a glamorous view of the sea. So many water activities take place here. Tourists come here to enjoy the enchanting scenery of cliffs as well. This a lush environment that stays secluded from the busy lifestyle of a city. Majority of Sibenik residents are young people and the numerous streets of Sibenik are filled with several shopping opportunities where tourists come to find everything they need.

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Old Sibenik – A Historic Town To Live In
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