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Oleaginous fruits treasure of winter

Known as the fruit that is high in fat (35 to 60%), but do not now think: “If the fat content is high, these foods are not good for me.” In fact, Mother Nature has everything: it gives us the fruit for the cold season and it is during this period that our bodies need fat! Those contained in nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids containing valuable vitamin F and E, essential oxygenation and maintenance of our cells increasingly dirty during the winter living in our bodies slow at this time year. We generally exercise less and eat less fruit and vegetables than in summer. Now study in detail these winter fruits.


This is one of the most popular nuts because it is easier to digest and better tolerated by our delicate digestive tracts. Enjoy this long to chew dried fruit : a taste of milk will soon be released into your mouth! The almond is indeed very rich in calcium: 254 mg per 100 g, phosphorus 470 mg per 100 g Magnesium: 254 mg per 100 g. These strengthen your nervous system by avoiding anxiety and hyperventilation, disorders so common nowadays. Do not deprive yourself of the cheese plant. The sweet almond oil is also used for its remarkable cosmetic properties.


Originally from Brazil, peanuts or peanut belongs to the same family as beans and lentils. The French call it “earthnuts”, which means “land of nuts.” Indeed, after fertilization, the flower stems curl and grow in the ground with pods containing seeds. This fruit is one of the most oilseeds rich in protein : 27%; containing many essential amino acids. Groundnut is known for creating liver, but this belief is unfounded. Indeed, this fruit contains choline , liver protector remarkable, sulfur, trace element also improves liver function and is the fruit oilseed Dry lower in fat.

The Advocate

The color green, pear-shaped and granular aspect of this fruit are the English called it “alligator pear.” The flesh of a ripe avocado has a delicate taste reminiscent of artichoke heart and hazelnut oil. Avocado oil has a softening irritated intestinal mucosa and is successfully used in cosmetics as powerful anti-wrinkle. This action is due to the vitamin E it contains to oxygenate and thus regenerate the skin.


Cashew is a tropical tree that provides berries like beans and supported by a peduncle swollen, fleshy pear shape is called “cashew”. Cashew ranks in the nuts with 48% fat. We recommend that you use as a condiment in salads or in your cereal because it is a tonic for stressed people in fragile nervous system with 428 mg per 100 g of phosphorus!


In Portuguese, “coco” means “head bristling.” Indeed, the hull of the fruit resembles a head filled with hair unkempt. Use dry coconut grated as a condiment, as it is a reservoir of trace elements with 3.6 mg per 100 g of iron, anti-anemic, 1.80 mg per 100 g of zinc, trace element often missing in our modern diet, enhancing the beauty of your skin, nails and hair, 0.9 mg per 100 g of copper, preventing infections in winter and 2.60 mg per 100 g of manganese, trace element antiallergic universal.


The fruit of the hazel is a highly mineralized oilseed is often recommended for children stunted for this reason but also for its remarkable properties worming.


Originally from Persia, walnut fruit also gives us a very mineral oil anthelmintic properties but also laxative. Note that with the hazelnut is the fruit oilseed more fat (60% fat ) and that is why it is recommended for organizations with robust physical activity very important.


During the history, the olive tree has always been full of messages with its branch symbol of peace. This tree produces a fruit of bitterness so great that we can not eat without preparation: it must be preserved! The olive is preferably used as an appetizer as it promotes the secretion of saliva and digestive juices in the stomach. Olive oil is digested very little time remaining in the stomach unlike other fats. This oil which reduces the blood cholesterol behaves like a true preventive agent for osteoporosis.

The pumpkin seed

We recommend these seeds for their children and remineralizing properties worming remarkable. On a particular taste difficult to define, they give a new flavor to salads.


Of Mediterranean origin, gives the pistachio fruit with a thick shell containing a pleasant almond flavor, and famous for flavor nougat Provence or Italian ice cream.


These small seeds are incredibly rich too little used in our western tables. Sesame seed contains an oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as valuable lecithin , rich in phosphorus fat that prevents aging by improving your memory avoiding cholesterol is deposited on the walls of your arteries, and maintaining the membranes of your cells. All this helps to improve your health but also to eliminate toxins more actively. In addition, lecithin is a powerful balancing the nervous system that will help you relax. Use the form of sesame seeds lightly toasted condiment in salads, veggies, meat or fish, or as a puree, simply made with finely ground seeds (purchased in stores diet) for one season flat vegetables or cereals.

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