Olive Leaf For Better Health

Does your immune system need a boost? Are you prone to infections or viruses? I would suggest that you try adding olive leaf extract to your medicine cabinet, Olive leaf is great for fighting bacterial infections as well as viruses and retro- viruses. This natural remedy seems to be exceptionally effective for respiratory infections. It is also great to fight fungi infections. It is also known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Rich in antioxidants, Olive leaf extract neutralizes free radicals and may be helpful in preventing a lot of diseases, even cancer.

This is an excellent remedy for folks that have an immunity built up to antibiotics. Over the last few decades we have generally over used antibiotics and most bacteria has become resistant to them. when you have an infection the use of so called super antibiotics, which can be harsh and even toxic to your body, is what we turn to. Why not try an ancient remedy that has been effective over the centuries for fighting all kinds of infection?

Olive leaf extract is mild and easy on your body. If you want to use it as a cleansing agent you just increase the amount that you take. For fighting an infection or virus you can take the recommended amount for whatever the condition is. you can find Olive leaf at most health food stores or and your local herbalists shop.

Nature has provided a host of plants and herbs for our benefit and olive leaf is one worth trying. It is free of any harsh side effects and generally has no contraindication’s with other medicinal properties. As mentioned before This natural remedy has been used for centuries and has been very effective in boosting the immune system and fighting virus, retro-virus and bacterial infection. It is used prominently in many areas of the world to over come conditions that we in America have use Pharmaceuticals ,with all their adverse side effects, to combat. Sometimes the old ways are better if they can get the job done and have less adverse effects on our bodies.