Omega 8004 Vs 8006: Which Omega Juicer Should You Buy the J8004 or J8006?

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Omega J8004 Versus J8006 – Which is Better?

Are you impressed with just how good the Omega masticating juicers are (and rightly so) and are particularly interested in investing in either the 8004 or 8006, but aren’t too sure on exactly what the difference is between them and which offers the best overall value for money? If so, this comparison account will be able to help you out, pin pointing the significant and subtle variations between the two Omega juicers as well as ultimately which is the best one to go for.

What’s the Difference Between the 8004 and 8006?

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There actually ‘that’ much difference between them in all honesty. The two Omega juicers are actually fundamentally identical, they bothutilize a powerful 2 hp motor that aids in the process dual stage juicing process — which works at a slow rate of 80 rpm to ensure full extraction & full nutritional benefit from the ingredients you are using as well as offering a superior and more natural taste than you get with other common juicers. They are more than capable of juicing all types of fruits, vegetables and the like (incl. wheatgrass).

Moreover, both juicers are made to last you pretty much a lifetime, both being incredibly durable and this is certified by the fact that you get a industry leading fifteen year warranty coverage protection plan on both models. One thing to note there is a slight variation in the design of the J8006’s collection bowl with it being slightly larger and easier fitting into place than the 8004, but this is being pretty picky.

As you can see visually from the two juicers, another minor difference between the two is the appearance of each. The juicer 8004 comes in a white casing whereas the Omega 8006 comes in a more sophisticated silver chrome and black finishing (both however are identical in size 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches and weight), hence this is the only factor that explains the price difference between the two models of around 30 dollars (where the J8006 comes in at around the $270 mark and the J8004 comes in at just under $240). Although, not important to some, but to me and others the 8006 certainly does have an edge over the 8004 looks wise and would better fit into most people’s kitchen decor (especially a modern one) — if you are that way inclined.

So Which Omega Juicer to Buy the 8004 or 8006?

Well, as pointed out as they are both fitted with all the same vital components and work in the exact same manner, are backed by the same warranty coverage — on paper there isn’t really any difference between the two. However, it is their ‘appearance’ which is the major difference and whether you can justify paying an extra 30 dollars or so for the silver chrome plated and black lined finish you get with the 8006 as opposed to the plain white casing that comes with the 8004.

In terms of just practical use and value for money the 8004 is obviously the model to go for, but if you are a ‘designer type’ and how it looks in the kitchen is important to you, then the 8006 and just an extra $30 probably seems more appealing (and is actually the more popular model, believe it or not). Whichever you are going for, at least you know you’re getting an awesome juicer! Let me know which Omega juicer you go for and why? Also, if you have any questions regarding either the 8004 or 8006 then please make them in the comments below.

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Omega 8004 Vs 8006: Which Omega Juicer Should You Buy the J8004 or J8006?, Seekyt
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