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Omega 8005 Vs 8006: Which Omega Juicer Should You Buy the J8005 or J8006?

Omega J8005 Versus J8006 – Which is Better?

Are you interested in investing in one of the awesome juicers from Omega and have come across their two leading models the 8005 and 8006, however like many are a little unsure exactly what the differences are between them and whether the extra cost for the J8006 is worth it or not? If so this comparison guide of the Omega J8005 versus J8006 will be able to help you out, clearly pointing out the rather subtle variations between them and ultimately coming up with the overall ‘winner’ and which Omega juicer you should go with.

What’s the Difference Between the 8005 and 8006?

So when it comes to comparing the two juicer appliances, you can see why it is pretty difficult to exactly what is different between the two — they both take on a very similar shape (dimensions roughly 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches), are pretty much identical in design (with a silver chrome outer-body and black rims) and also have some very similar specifications too such as the same powerful 2 horsepower motor which operates at a rather slow 80 RPM (but this is to ensure a higher juice and nutrition yield). But, you should know that the 8006 model is the recent update so a few improvements have been made to it, which we will explore below.

So exactly why is there a price difference of around 50 bucks between the two?

• The first thing to point out is the handle grips. You will see if you check out the video below that the J8005 has a flip out handle whereas the J8006 has a solid sturdy handle integrated into its framework.

• A more considerable variation can be seen, when you take a look at the insides of the two juicers. You will notice that the 8005 model has a white auger and the 8006 has a black GE Ultem one, the latter is ‘eight times stronger’ than the white auger — meaning it will produce more consistent results for a longer period of time.

• Warranty coverage. You should also note there is an important difference in the length of time you are covered with your Omega juicers upon buying them newly — with the J8005 you are covered for 10 years whereas with the J8006 you get an extra 5 years (15 years in total) which to me is worth the extra $50 all by its own.

• There are a few practical design changes to be had as well. For instance, you will see that the funnel design has slightly changed for it to be more fluid and easier to clean as well as the collection bowl of the 8006 model being a bit larger, so you can essentially make more produce if wanted.

Apart from this they are both still essentially the same great ‘simple use’ masticating juicers, both models are truly excellent and you definitely won’t be disappointed by either. However, with regards to ‘which is better the 8005 or 8006?’ because of the slightly improvements made as detailed above, the 8006 has to get that vote.

Which Should You Buy the Omega 8005 or 8006?

Personally, I reckon the extra warranty coverage of five years (as mentioned above) is worth the extra 40 dollar cost alone between the two appliances (the J8006 usually costs around the $270 mark and the J8005 at around $230), but all the extra little aspects that make the whole juicing process that little bit easier — so in the long run, also can be argued to justifiable worth the extra 50 dollars. But, everything put together and the fact an investment in an Omega juicer is a one in a lifetime thing, the 8006 is the way to go. But which Omega juicer will you buy the J8005 or J8006 and why?

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