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On Page SEO Optimization tips


On Page SEO Optimization tips

Writing Optimized articles for your site isn’t as hard as you think. I will be giving you On Page Optimization Tips to help you optimize your website. On Page Optimization is actually very simple and very important you optimize your page right the first time. You don’t want to be waisting hours trying to figure out what to name your title. You want to have your Keyword that you are trying to rank for in the title of your article. I am going to discuss all the basic fundamentals, which will increase you chances of ranking on the top pages of Google. In this article I will cover the following topics such as Permalinks, H1 Tags, Keyword Density, Optimized Images, Title & Meta Description, and SEO Page Optimizers.

One of my first On Page Optimization Tips is that you want to make sure that your Keyword is in your Permalink and that your permalink matches your title. A Permalink the Url where your article is located on the internet. Google’s search engines scan Permalinks to see which Keyword you are ranking. If you Permalink is matching with your (H1 tag) title, you will put in front of your competition. H1 tag is what search engines use to see what your article is about. To see an example of what an H1 tag should look like, look at the title on the top of my article, which is located above the photo.

keyword-density: Keyword density is the percentage of how many times your keyword is in your article. You don’t want to go overboard on putting your keyword throughout your article. It is best just to sprinkle your keyword throughout your article and make sure it sound good. The best way to place your keywords is 1-2 times in the first paragraph, 3-4 in your body, and 1 time in your last paragraph. You can use a paid plugin called SeoPressor to help you out with keyword density or you can use a free plugin called Blogger High. Using these tools can be very helpful if you don’t know how your articles should look like on your website.on-page-optimization-titleAnother one of my On page optimization tips is to add images to your articles, which is very important. Images will help breaking up text and make your articles on your website easier to read. Before uploading your images to your website, you need to rename the image to a keyword phrase. This will help you out with ranking your site on Google…Title & Meta Description is probably the most important thing to make sure you have for my On Page Optimization Tips. To do this you can use a plugin called All-In-One-SEO where you can control how your website will look on Google. The title is the blue link where you can click to view the website. You need to have your keyword at least once in your title. Meta Description is the description below your Title and Url. You should have your Keyword once in your Meta Description and twice if your keyword Niche is very competitive.

I hope this article was very informative and thank you for visiting. Please share this article if you enjoyed the information On Page Optimization Tips I shared with you. Keep Visiting every couple of day I will be updating as much as can with new articles

On Page SEO Optimization tips
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