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One Fab Day: 5 Extraordinary Wedding Proposals that Ever Happened

A wedding is probably the most-awaited event in every person’s life. But before the wedding, another very interesting day is the proposal. Most often than not, the guy usually brings out a box with a ring inside. But people get really creative and competitive these days. Proposing has also become a significant occasion where more effort and imagination are put in. If you’re wondering how extreme people, especially the guys can be, here are some true to life wedding proposals you wouldn’t want to miss.

1. All in one day: Surprise Proposal and Wedding Ceremony

A fairytale event for a celebrity couple from the Philippines, Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi’s special day was truly a huge success with the guy’s planning and preparation powers.

The surprise proposal started like this: Carmina began her day thinking that she was going to shoot an ice cream brand commercial with Zoren and their twin children. The theme of the commercial shoot was a wedding so it wouldn’t be weird to ask the lady to have a wedding theme in the set.

But even before the shoot started, the guy acted as if he was in an argument with a production staff and in the next minute, they’re twins and a group of dancers started dancing around the bride-to-be while the husband-to-be was serenading her. Carmina was then led towards a spot under a cherry blossom tree where Zoren proposed.

With the proposal ending with a big “Yes,” the day continued to the actual wedding ceremony where guests included family members, friends and other public figures like celebrities. The whole event from the proposal to the wedding could be described as truly glamorous having a renowned designer for their gowns and tuxedos, food catering company that is famous in Manila and the venue which was breathtaking with its beauty and serenity.

2. Commercial Proposal

Another unique proposal goes to the couple Xiaxue and Mike. As Xiaxue is a famous blogger from Singapore, her American boyfriend was quite challenging to make the proposal a grand one.

So the venue of the proposal was in a movie theatre. Mike drove Xiaxue to the cinema for her to watch a movie with her close friends. The girl thought Mike was going to a business meeting so she understood why he has to leave. Before the movie started, a commercial was played on the big screen and XiaXue was shocked to see that it was her boyfriend in the commercial. Mike then approached Xiaxue and popped the question with the ring she chose and wanted before. Hugs, kisses and tears were then followed.
3. Plane Proposal

This proposal is really a very extraordinary act you thought you’d only see in movies or books. While enjoying a joint birthday celebration of family members, another girl goes through a memorable surprise proposal with the presence of an airplane.

During the party, a propeller plane suddenly went around their house. With its loud noise, the girl looked up to the sky and saw the plane. But the difference is it was carrying a huge banner with the question ‘Will you marry me?’. The girl couldn’t believe what she was seeing and thought for a second whether it was for her. The guy then went on his knee and presented the ring in a box. And of course, you’d already know her sweet reply.

4. 99 iPhones

You would think giving 99 iPhones will get you a sure yes for an answer. But take this case differently because the girl, unfortunately, did not favor it and turned the man down. But let’s still go over this story because it’s undeniably an impressive one.

Happened in China, the guy thought it was the right time to bring up the question so that they also wouldn’t have to celebrate the upcoming Singles’ Day. The guy, who was a programmer, prepared 99 iPhone 6 placed on the ground in a public area and arranged them in a heart-shaped form. But when the girl saw it and received the question, she was not happy with it and said no to the guy. I must say they were really both brave with their decisions.

5. Presentation Proposal

There sure are some couple officemates around. And when it happens, this proposal is still something no one would expect.

While the guy was giving a business presentation to other employees, including his girlfriend and their boss, the last slide of the presentation was really a great one to wrap it all up. Using a projector, the guy showed the last slide to everyone in the meeting with the loving question to ask his girlfriend. To the girl’s shock, she almost fainted with what was happening, but still gave a resounding yes.


Knowing guys can really get pretty serious in planning wedding proposals, ladies out there are sure to be expecting more than what they can imagine. With that, I wish everyone good luck in preparing another extraordinary proposal no one has ever done before.

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