One of my favorite DS games, Mario Cart Bros

DS game review, Mario Cart

This review is of Mario Cart for the DS, my reason for reviewing it is because this has got to be one of my most played, and favorite games. Upon starting this game you are presented with a couple of game play options such as Grand Prix and Time Trials, although the trials can be fun I must say it is the Grand Prix that I really enjoy.

First off you pick your Cart, it will take a few goes in order to find out which Cart suits you, as all of them have different styles and speed ranges. Once you find the Cart which suits you, it will make the game play a little easier and fun to do. Once you have chosen your character and cart, it will be time to start, as you enter into a contest each contest consists of four races, and the aim is to win every time, or if you can’t at least do well and get as many points as you can. For each race there is eight racers including you, these are your competition, and they are not going make winning easy for you, even resorting to dirty tricks in order to beat you. They knock you, smash you, crash you and attack you, anything they can to make you loose, so you must work hard to win.

A great feature for this game is the new things you can get, as you win and move on in the game, you will unlock new characters, circuits and even carts, so this keeps things interesting when playing. The carts are really fun to control whilst racing, making this an absolutely fun game to play. When your out in front during a race, you can easily look into your rear view mirror, simply by pressing back on the controller, giving you a clear look at who ever is coming up behind. If you get bored of playing Mario Cart alone, then no worries, simply try there multiplayer option and play against your friends. With out a doubt Mario Cart is a fast and explosive game, with things being fired at you and things smashing you as you are trying to win the race.

It takes skill and patience, this is something in my opinion that makes the game better, as it is not the kind of game you can just walk through, you will need to really work hard in order to win the races. Mario Cart is a game which has been around for years, and many different computer systems have created a Mario Cart game. Out of all the ones I have tried so far, then Mario Cart for the DS is certainly my favorite, the small handheld DS just makes playing this game more fun. Mario Cart DS, a brilliant game that comes highly recommended from me, you will get hours upon hours of fun out of this game.